Friday, July 04, 2008

A Happy Gardener

I'm so happy at the moment. Just spent 2 hours playing out in my little vegie patch and I had a ball.

Finding it hard of late getting out into my garden and it's showing in places. Still haven't gotten my green manure in an area I want done this winter. Just not enough hours in the day for me to fit everything in. So this morning I put the vegie patch first and so happy with the results.

So like Roz, Rhett, Paddle & Bundy..................lets take a look.

This is the soil I'm working with, in the no-dig area. Even though I haven't been planting heaps I have been adding manures, compost and animal bedding. So even though the garden hasn't been producing in all areas, the soil has been fed over the last couple of months.

I have a bigger cutting of bird netting for this area. Having removed 2 smaller nets from this area to use elsewhere this morning. You can see the weeds and a couple of tall stinging nettle plants in the photo.

Afterwards and weed free. Counted 40 garlic plants and this is very pleasing as I planted 40 cloves. I have a new 4 X 4 metres of bird netting for this area. I'll pick some baby spinach before the new netting is placed over this area.

No bird feed marks on the leaves of these sweet, tender leaves.

Carrots & leeks are booming along. So are the weeds with the rain showers we have had. Noticed the few spring onions that germinated after the carrots were sown here, are ready for eating. I lost the original sowing of spring onion seedlings and some of the left over seeds that didn't germinate, must have germinated along with the carrot seeds.

Nice and tidy and weed free again. Weeds had shallow roots and were easy to pull up. All weeds were shared between the ducks & chooks.

Using those 2 small bird nettings, broad beans in the garden at last on the left and silver beet for the animals in under the smaller netted area.

So that is what I was up to this morning out in my vegie patch.

Tomorrow I want to not only clean out the duck shed and chook sleeping area. But I want to sort this area out as well.

My first no-dig area. Weed were easy to be pulled out and thrown over the "people fence". Found a couple of self sown parsley seedlings, these will be transplanted into another safer area tomorrow morning. Before animal manure & compost is spread here and

around the asparagus area. I have broccoli & cauliflower seedlings for the no-dig area and hope to have these in the soil tomorrow.

Capsicums are finished and I threw one plant into the chook yard, to see if they'll strip the leaves off the plant. If they do a good job, I'll pop the other plants in tomorrow. Once all leaves are stripped, I'll cut the stalks up and compost them.

Hope you too have had a FAB TAB of a day, what ever you are doing. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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SueBK said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous.

Lucky-1 said...


Thanks for adding pea green to my posting today....LOL

Still on a high after my time out in the garden.