Sunday, July 27, 2008

Harvesting Goodies.

Even though Pat & I have been playing hard out in the garden, I still found time for harvesting food for us to eat.

Growing food in the backyard and then harvesting it, has to be one of the most rewarding past times.

In the basket on the left is bloomsdale spinach, spring onions, loose leaf lettuce and baby silver beet leaves. In the right basket is more rocket.

I'm getting between 7 to 9 large eggs a day from my Isa Brown hens. Couple of bantam eggs and 1 duck is giving me an egg almost daily.

We had rain showers this morning and my body was telling me, please no gardening today. So I did my next favorite thing, cooking.

With 7 dozen eggs in the fridge, I decided a lemon meringue pie was in order as a treat. I've posted the recipe I used over on my "Garden to Plate" blog.

Now having a lovely big fresh lemon pie in the house is dangerous stuff for 2 people. So I rang my brother and asked him if he was interested in a slice. Then I emailed our good gardening buddy "Pepe" and he was interested as well.

Once the pie was ready for transporting we headed off to do our pie crawl. Taking with us a few extra goodies. Dozen eggs for my brother & his wife.

Pepe received a couple of extra gifts. More worm wee for his garden and 2 dozen eggs as his chooks aren't laying as much as what mine are.

Check the egg out that was in Pepe's 2 dozen. It couldn't fit into the egg carton very well and the weight was 86 grams. Bet the chook's bum hurt for a while after this one was laid. lol

Both Pat & I enjoy catching up with Mr. Pepe & Mrs. Pepe. Love looking around their garden, seeing what they are growing food wise.

I came home with Italian parsley for the kitchen, more celery seedlings, English spinach, marjoram and lemons from their tree.

Check it out eek lemon on the left, its one from Pepe's tree, weighing in at 457 grams. One on the right I bought at a green grocer and it weighed in at 89 grams. I used a teaspoon to give you more of an idea of size.

So can't wait for my tree to produce lemons.

While visiting the Pepe's place, I got to ask questions about Pepe's compost system, like the one we have just build at home. Looked inside his hot house, saw the rooster we gave them a few weeks ago. Aspro (means white in Greek) has 6 or 7 wives and is looking stunning in his new home.

Talked about our plans we both have for the up coming spud season. Then we shared the lemon meringue pie over cups of tea and coffee.

We left on dark to come home, talking about how great it was calling into their place again.

Until next time....

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