Saturday, July 05, 2008

No-Dig Garden

Hoping to have been out in the vegie garden after breakfast, but this wasn't to be. Late yesterday we received a phone call telling us Pat's computer monitor was ready for pick-up. So we traveled into the city by train to collect it.

Hopping off the train on our return trip it start to rain, enough to have me thinking today's plans for out the back were on hold. But by the time we got home, our place was dry.

After changing into some old clothes, out the back for what was to be a mission to get my list completed. Weather man has us penciled in for wet weather up until Friday. Just my luck to ignore him, will result in nothing being done with rain holding me up. Just hoping he's right with the promise of 20 mm of rain over the next 5 to 6 days. So it was full steam ahead.

Tracking back and forth through the "people fence" gate, I left it open. Ducks had a great time wandering around on the green lawn and dabbing away in new areas for bugs, grubs & worms. Going from their bills, they had a grand time and from the sounds they were making, a good feed as well.

My first job was to transplant 3 self sown parsley seedlings, I used a 10 cent coin to give you an idea of the seedling size. Not very often my parsley self sows, so looking after these 3 very carefully. These seedlings were in the no-dig area I wanted to give a face lift too.

Then it was time to clean out the duck shed. This way if the rain did come I could store everything in their shed and work from there. The straw laced with duck & bantam manure was spread around part of the no-dig area. Also some of the soiled straw was spread over the asparagus area, once the dead stalks had been removed.

Those asparagus stalks will be chopped up and added to the compost bin, over the coming days. The asparagus area also wasn't covered as thick as the no-dig area.

Next came a tumbler of rich, dark compost. Once again only a light covering over the asparagus area.

Last but not least, a bag of sheep manure was spread over the top. This will help to weigh down the compost and straw. All that is left to do tomorrow is transplant out the broccoli and cauliflowers in worm castings and give it a good drink of water with seasol mixed in it. Then bird netting over the area to keep the seedlings safe.

Now that was all finished it was time to fix up the poultry sleeping areas.

With the tumbler empty I started to move the collected compost from the black bin to the tumble. Found some spuds shooting in against the wall of the compost bin.

Once the bin was emptied I started to add to it with poultry litter from the hen house. As well their shredded paper from nest boxes. Raked up the composting area of any spillages and this was added to the new compost pile I'm making.

Then inside for a much needed shower.

I use the practice of, feeding the soil and in return the soil will feed the plants I chose to grow. Garden is looking FAB TAB and the last two days have been such fun.

Until next time....hoo roo

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