Sunday, July 06, 2008

Part 2 Of No-Dig

This morning straight after breakfast I was out in the vegie patch, finishing off the seedlings in my no-dig garden.

I would have preferred to have stayed in bed and slept after going to an 18th birthday party last night. But this area was long over due being finished.

With a cold wind blowing on me, I started at a mild pace and didn't stop until finished.

I like to spread the seedlings out (if not too sunny) and see how much room they will take up. In the ice cream dish is worm castings.

I dig a nice size hole in the freshly added layers and then add a ladies size handful of worm castings to the hole. This gives those seedlings a "power boost" as they settle in and start to grow. So all these days with sorting out scraps in the kitchen, chopping it up with a shovel and adding it to the farms, pays off.

What a great way of saving money by not needing to drive to shops & buy "stuff" that do the same thing. Also its a great gift the our planet. Recycling food and garden waste.

All finished and a watering of rainwater with seasol added to help with root growth and over coming transplant shock.

I used 3 metres X 3 metres of bird netting to cover the brassica seedlings.

Like the cow??? My neighbour didn't want it anymore and thought I'd like it. Now I just have to convince it to give me milk. wink

As I am typing what I have done this morning, its starting to rain. heavy enough to have Pat & I remove the washing from the line and hang on a clothes airer inside. Lot of threating dark clouds are outside, so I am hoping for some rain to top off a couple a rewarding days out in my garden.

Until next time....hoo roo


Beverley said...

Love the cow, but not sure I have ever seen one sit like that before!

I reckon those brassicas will be powering along in no time at all :)

Allotment Lady said...

Rain is a pain isn't it - I too love the cow