Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Raspberry Canes

I can't believe its 12 months and time to prune back the raspberry canes again. Just seems like a month or so since I last tackled this job.

I started cutting back the canes yesterday morning and ran into problems.

For starters most of last years cane have died. This could be to do with that long hot record breaking heatwave we had last summer.

Pat & I had a chat on how we wanted to handle this set back and came up with the following plan.

Pat's idea is if the canes are stuffed, plant a fruit tree there. lol

My idea is the following.

  • Tidy the area up and remove dead canes and weeds.
  • Found 4 live canes and will treat these with seasol and tender words of love.
  • Place something between the trellis and the "people fence"to reduce the summer temps against the canes.

All tidied up and look at that poor cane all on it's own. The other 3 canes are too small to show up in this photo.

I had to stop gardening at this stage and get ready for a trip to the dentist. eek Found out we have been visiting the dentist for 10 months now. Its taken this long as we're on the Government scheme and to get us both to see a dentist the same time..... its longer wait between visits. I had 2 teeth removed, one being a wisdom tooth and the other was its buddy next door.

Today is a lazy day as I have a very sore mouth, very stiff body as I was so tense in the chair yesterday.

Now back to gardening in the raspberry area. My plan tomorrow; to feed it a dose of seasol and some old aged sheep manure. Then mulch it with straw. Babysit the area for the upcoming summer season.

Do some research into how and if I can spit up the new growth canes this time next year and spread them out.

Not expecting any fruit this year and if I did, that lovely cane will fall over in shock lol. If the whole project is a flop over the next 12 months, I'll move to Pat's idea and plant a pear tree there and espalier it.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Cloud Nine said...

Oh you poor thing with a sore mouth - hope the pain eases soon.