Monday, July 07, 2008

While It Rains.

So far today I have measured 15 mm of rain that has fallen in our backyard. Chooks are wet and the ducks are happy as.

Far too wet and cold to be outside and so today I have been busy either shopping or inside doing odd jobs around the house.

This morning we took little Millie to the vet, as she is being desexed today. Already the vet has rung to say the operation went well and she is recovering nicely. So Amy & I will collect her around 5.30 this evening.

Tomorrow Pat & I will stay home all day to care for Millie and make sure the other cats don't hassle her. Cats can be snippy when another cat has been to the vet. So we did our shopping on the way home from dropping Millie off.

Just so pleased with my effort in the garden over the last couple of days. Best part is I am now being rewarded with a FAB TAB of a wet day to help the soil become lovely and wet and give the seedlings an extra boost.

Nothing makes a plant grow even better, that rain.

These celery seedlings are from our "good gardening buddy" Pepe. Tomorrow Pepe is calling in to collect a young rooster from the last load of chickens Bonnie hatched out. Looks like I scored a pure Light Sussex bantam hen and a bantam cross Isa brown hen.

Really pleased we found a home for the extra rooster....... didn't want to bop him on the head and then eat him. eek

For a few months now I have been after a new little hot house for my winter sowing of tomato, egg plant & capsicum seeds in August. Been really hard to find this year. I've look in so many cheap shops and Big W to name a few.

I was going to use a couple of old fish tanks, but me and glass doesn't go well together. Always breaking glasses or china plates.

Today while out shopping Pat & I called into our local "Warehouse" shop and there were 2 styles I could pick from. This one is the larger of the 2 on sale.

Pleased with the size and quality of this hot house. My last one that lasted me years, was a hard plastic structure. This one is metal and it shelves are screwed into the outside frames.

So now I am set to get my seedlings organized and ready for spring sowings. No excuse for me being late this time round. lol

Until next time....hoo roo

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