Monday, August 11, 2008

Chook Yard Blitz

Its only the 11th of August and we have had just under 2 inches of rain fall. Not that I am complaining, as I love rain and the winter months. Just that some of my areas in the garden have about had all the rain it can take.

Some of the clouds that have been going over our place today and for the last couple of weeks. Been some good rainfalls up in the Adelaide Hills and I am hoping the water run-off has found its way into the catchments.

But getting back to my garden and the water logged areas.

My poor chookies are turning into sponges and we have been worried about their health. At the moment they are all healthy. But we don't need to push their luck. Doesn't take much rain to get the water laying around in the chook run, as the soil can't soak up any more water.

Underneath the hen house and inside the hen house is dry But their play area and where they eat is, as you can see, water logged.

I am worried that they will develop chills/colds or diseases and start to die.

Pat said we should get a load of sand in, as this will help to keep the area dry and the water should drain away.

After a ring round we had ordered some sand. Then it was just sit back and wait for it to be delivered.

2 ton was delivered this morning and we started to wheel barrow it from the front driveway to the chook run. We stopped for some lunch at 2 pm and then back into the job, before the rain set in again.

With the sand at this depth, we are hoping the water will drain away and the girls will have drier feet.

Lost count of how many wheel barrows went into the area and underneath the hen house. But its heaps better to walk on. Firm under my gumboots and no mud or water to be seen.

Look at those toes, you can see them. They had so much fun running round and looking to see what we were up to, they didn't lay as many eggs. Far too much fun outside to be sitting in a nest box twiddling their feathers.

Pushed a lot of sand back underneath as well. More so to top the area up and stop the mud from tracking back into the new clean sandy area.

Boarder Gate & Freedom Road after the make over. Now when I am tracking back and forth from the duck shed and chook run, my boots will be cleaner for a while.

Happy chooks, well I hope so. Couple of days their legs and feet should look heaps better.

Duck run got the left over sand in the busy areas.

Will this work and if so, for how long before we have to rethink a plan to keep the girls dry? I have no idea.

One of the drawbacks of having an open run is come winter time also comes the rain. Been a few winters since we have had rain like we are having this winter.

As they chooks were running a muck I took advantage of them being out and about by cleaning out their nest boxes and bedding area. All litter was put into the open composting bays.

Just as we finished packing away everything, the rain came in again. So we just managed to get the job all done in time.

So now my girls & Radar and hopefully happier and less chance of become sick.

As the chooks can't tells us what they like or don't like, we have to look and think....would we like to live like this???? If no, what would we change.

Until next time....hoo roo

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