Sunday, August 31, 2008

Compost & Poultry

Check out the mess my ducks have made with the composting bay. Nothing like spending time popping one's head through the wire and pulling out shredded paper and spreading it round.

Back a few days ago I said to Pat that we or I needed to look at how to improve this area and keep the ducks heads out of the compost.

If I was going to spend some time in this area, I may as well take advantage of the composting materials around the yard.

Arum Lilies, the scourge of the water ways, around Adelaide. Many places we have seen the water ways are clogged up with this plant.

I tolerate the plant in my yard, as its great for compost. I pick all the leaves before the plants start to flower, chop it all up and add it to the compost. That way I have an excuse for not getting out and having to dig every tiny bulb out of the backyard.

Workers pulling their weight. Did a great job mixing it all up for me, while I collected, greens, chook bedding and other great composting materials.

I also had a look underneath the layers and its looking pretty darn good.

We had a wardrobe go to pieces after years of use (second hand when we bought it) and Pat used the pieces to block the sides off from the ducks.

Air can still get down into the compost with the pallet having the double slats. So far all is clean and tidy with this project being done.

Busted! The paper movers and shakers. Turn my back for 5 seconds and they are in like Flynn. Lots of quacking and chook noises going on here.

Pat put some recycled chicken wire on the front of the old trellis, that is now the compost gate.

Very happy to report this venture worked 100% and the compost bay isn't being attacked with glee from my ducks.

Until next time....hoo roo

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1 comment:

ButterflyGirl said...

Looks like those chooks and ducks are having a ball in the compost heap. I know my chooks love it when I pull up weeds they stand around waiting to see what grubs I find for them LOL