Sunday, August 03, 2008

Green Manure

After a couple of days of wet, cold weather I was able to finally get out into the vegie patch and get my green manure sowing done.

With the soil still very damp from the rain, weeds were removed by just pulling on the clumps. This was thrown over the fence by the bucket loads, for the ducks & chooks to eat.

After the weeds had been removed, the soil was loosened by running the metal rake over it.

Then came the poly pipe to hold the bird netting up off the soil. Pipe maybe a bit on the long side, but the way I look at it, it'll fit any place I want it to go and once cut...... can't be made bigger again. Bird netting is in place, ready to go over and protect the seeds.

Seeds are sprinkled over the top of the soil, then raked over again with the metal rake. "dirtying the seeds" so to speak.

I have sown the following seeds for my green manure

  • wheat
  • tickbeans
  • linseed
  • ryecorn
  • lupins
  • broad beans (left over from my earlier sowing)

I knew all those tents I made as a kid at my grandparent's place would come in handy one day. I used tent pegs to hold the back of the netting against the wire fence in place. Then inside, wooden planks were used and a paver or brick sat on top, to hold the planks in place.

All finished and now to sit back and watch a lovely crop of green manure grow.

Last year when I planted a green manure crop I did what I saw in a video I have... "I dirtied the seeds and then walked away".

Birds moved in and ate most of the seed and the crop was a failure. This time I have gotten wise to the free loading birds from the park.

They can sit in the gum trees and dream of crops they had raided in years gone by. Time of the bird has gone and time of the gardener is here. twisted

Sitting out under the rumpus room window, drinking a much needed cup of tea. Part of my garden, looking FAB TAB and growing all sorts of yummy food.

All the poly pipe was donated by our neighbour and the bird netting has been bought over months and can be used over and over ........pretty cheap when it comes to keeping our crops safe and sound.

Now back outside to plant a rhubarb plant and feed some fruit trees and plants a larder of goodies.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

WHat is green manure please?