Monday, August 04, 2008

Looking At Some Things I'm Growing

Thought today I'd show you some of the young plants growing in my little vegie patch. With the rain falling in my yard, it's helping to get these plants looking so FAB TAB.

Broad beans are up, was tempted to leave the bird netting off, but at the last minute I thought no. Just my luck the birds would dig the seedlings up, looking for tasty tid bits in the mulch.

Leeks are thickening up and looking so healthy. I want to blanch the stalks and using soil will only make the stalks grainy as they grow, with soil getting in between the layers. Cardboard rolls was suggested on a gardening forum. By blanching the stalks, I'll get more of the white fleshy part and less of the tougher green stalk.

Spud area dug over and this coming weekend, we'll be buying some cow manure at an open air market and mix into this area. Spuds will be planted out on the 14th & 15th in line with moon plantings.

As I'm typing this, its raining. Not heavy, but enough to wet the washing on the line and if out walking, getting wet. We still need heavy rains up in the hills for the catchment areas.

Lucy asked me about green manure. Green manure is grown with the help of legume seeds. Once the crop is about knee high, chop it, slash it and turn it into the soil, with some old animal manure and Blood & Bone.

Let it rot down and then you can plant sweetcorn, pumpkins, zucchini or cucumbers in the area. The nitrogen from the legumes will feed the soil and in return feed the plants you then grow.

Don't let the green manure flower, as all the goodness from the plant will go into the flowering and not into the soil.

I hope this helps you Lucy. mrgreen If you want to know more ask away.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

Wow...I never knew.
Thank you.