Thursday, August 14, 2008

Millie & Her Nanna

Thirty two days are nearly up and this Sunday, Amy will be home from her trip to the USA. You have had updates and photos from Amy's trip and today I thought I'd show you the other half of this holiday double.

Little Milly is now over 12 months old and weights 1.3 kilo and is still small in size like a young kitten. At the beginning of Amy's holiday, Millie would look for her mum at the times of when Amy would get up for work, going to work and coming home.

Pat & I did worry about her eating while mum was away, but this hasn't been an issue. Millie loves her food too much.

At night Millie wouldl have her usual game of sticking her paw up between our mattress and head board for her nightly play with Poppy. Slept against my legs at night and when really cold, she'd crawl into bed and sleep down by Poppy's feet.

The last week it all changed.

Nanna has become Millie's mum in not only word but in actions as well. Millie does this with Amy all the time, never with me until last week.

Millie will climb up me and drape herself around my shoulders and neck. Doesn't matter what I am doing, she will snuggle into me and nuzzle my hair and ears, while purring. Last couple of nights I have been woken to Millie sleeping across my neck, purring her little heart out.

At first this was cool as I was always thinking Amy was lucky, having this sort or relationship with her little baby.

Now I am not so sure I could cope with it 24/7.

I mean I can't even email without an off-sider. Mind you I am so enjoying this as much as what I am, as on Sunday lunch time, I'll be dropped like a toxic rock as someone's mummy will be home.

Before Amy left on her holiday, we talked about how Millie would cope while mum was away. I think Millie has coped well and it's been a gradual shift towards me as her mum.

Both Pat & I are hoping that Millie won't get the snoots on with Amy on Sunday and not talk to her. I know Amy will be devastated if this was to happen and my neck will be feeling pretty much the same way.

Having a Grandkitty can be a full time job. lol

Until next time....hoo roo

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