Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vegie Patch Update.

Sun is shining outside and so I have taken full advantage of the sun and have been wandering around the garden with my camera.

Carrots are big enough under the soil, that I can use 1 per meal for me. Rabbits are enjoying the fresh carrot tops when I harvest carrots.

Those leeks are at a pick able size and I'm using the toilet rolls to help blanch the stalks. If I use soil, it'll make the stalks grainy as they grow.

I have forgotten how old this "Birds Eye" chilli plant is. A good friend who left Adelaide and lived in Townsville and now in PNG, gave me some chilli seeds. This plant would have to be minimum 4 years old.

Used the lettuce seedlings to show you, the size of the chilli plant trunk. I have opened the bush (or should that be tree) up to let some air through it.

The bird netting has been removed from over the broad beans, as I am sure they are big enough to cope with birds digging round in the no-dig area.

Our "good gardening buddy" Pepe paid us a visit today and he suggested planting something in between the beans. Thinking some sunflowers would be lovely, as they'd make a great support for the beans and also some seed food for our chooks.

On the right is the silver beet I love to grow for the animals and for our kitchen. Bird netting is also removed now. In between the beans and silver beet I have Italian Parsley. I am sold on this herb, though I'll still keep the curl variety in my garden as well.

Lawn level view of the asparagus growing.

Green manure is growing....yay the bird netting worked. I'll take the netting off once the green manure is about ankle deep. Just to make sure there is no chance the birds can destroy it.

Leaving the poly pipe in the areas they have been used. That way it's not laying around the yard and its not being tripped over.

While Pepe was here visiting, we sat out the back and enjoyed some coffee that Amy brought back from Canada for Pat. Sun was so nice and warm shining on us.

Pepe and I traded vegies and goodies for our gardens. Trading is a wonderful way, to not waste surplus foods.

Until next time....hoo roo

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