Saturday, September 06, 2008


Just have to show you my nectarine tree. Love the blossom and forgot how pretty the pink petals are.

Starting to leaf up and be seen easier when looking at the tree. In the background to the left, the plum tree can be seen.

Just love this photo, with the angle of the branch. Pink blossoms against green leaves is just pretty as.

Notice the pillowcase ties are smaller now? I trimmed the ties back some, as the ties were holding and didn't need adjusting.

We are going to enjoy the blossoms and then remove any fruits that form. Next year I will leave ex amount on the branches to ripen. Following year, the tree and crop to its hardest.

The other plum tree I espaliered, it still green, but no leaves shooting as of yet. We are so hoping the tree will not be a lemon (pardon the pun) and die on us. Apple trees are going great and leaves are starting to form on the tips of the branches.

Spring has sprung here.....biggrin

Until next time.....hoo roo

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Chris and Dave said...

Good work on all those trees! The blossoms look so beautiful.

I knew with my citrus that I had to take off the flowers for the first 2 years, but wondered about the stone fruit I've yet to plant.

You've just answered my question. :)

Lucky-1 said...

Easier to wait a year or so and not stress the tree.