Sunday, September 07, 2008

Good, Bad & Ugly

Woke to steady rain soaking into the garden this morning. This gave me the get up and go to try and sort out my "Friendship Garden" out the front.

Like a lot of friendships, that are neglected and left by the way side..... my front yard is a lot like this. I walk past it and like when you think....."I must ring so & so", its forgotten the minute I walk inside.

So today I have made the decision, not to neglect this area anymore. I'd then like to plant some herbs out in between the ornamental plants.

Parts of my vegie garden as of this morning, well cared for and weed free. Feeding a family and some.

My Friendship Garden, an eye sore but so very much loved.

Like all friendships it can be neglected and forgotten about. Then one day I'll notice a new plant or an old plant has died off.

I give it a thought and then walk away and forget about the area and what this spot means. Its not that I don't love the area, just my passion is vegies.......

This is going to change.....for the better. No neglecting this part of the garden.....its not called a Friendship Garden for nothing. People have sent me parts of their garden for me to grow and enjoy........

Its like a good friend in one's life.....not to be cast aside and used when it's suited. Good friends should be cherished and nurtured.

And on that note......

Happy Father's Day to all dad out there. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Chris and Dave said...

I love your friendship garden. I think it looks a-la-natural. But I know what you mean about neglect. I have many areas in need of some TLC again too. ;)

Lucky-1 said...

I think most gardens have a messy area:)Lovely to know I'm not the only one.....LOL