Sunday, September 28, 2008

Growing Food Upwards

After yesterday's yucky hot day, today was just such a joy to be able to get out into my little vegie patch. Cool and overcast, just the sort of weather I enjoy when gardening.

Today's main playing was for sorting out plants that can be grown upwards with the use of a trellis. By using this form of gardening practices, more plants can not only grow in a smaller space, the food grown stays cleaner, with it not laying on soil. This can also help to stop grubs and such eating into the fruits.

I needed help with putting the stakes into the soil, this is where Pat came in. As I am typing this, he's having a lay down as he's buggered after using his sledge hammer to drive the stakes into the ground.

We concentrated on beans and cucumbers today. I have taken some before and after photos of the areas........ so grab a drink and lets go.

Broad beans are just booming along and lots of pretty white flowers attracting bees can be found on the plants. After a couple of very windy days with either rain/hail or that hot wind yesterday, it was time to stake them.

Broad beans have hollow steams and can snap easy, if not supported.

Nicely supported and pots on the tops of the stakes to remind me not to walk into them. Room to walk in between the 2 rows when harvesting them. Pat put the stakes on an angle so that when he pulled the wire tight, those stakes didn't budge.

Blue Lake beans are up and won't be long and they'll be looking to climb upwards. This variety of beans would have to be my most favourite bean in the world. Really hoping for a good harvest this season.

Trellis in and room for the asparagus to grow and me to harvest the beans.

By now room is getting scarce and I have 8 cucumber seedlings to find room for. So this season I have split them into 4 smaller areas, between other plants but near to each other.

I'm taking full advantage of growing plants upwards and also of those months where I rested areas and fed the soil.

Leeks will soon be all harvested and so I am using the area next to them, for Pat's apple variety of cucumbers. These are Pat's most fave cucumber and I so love to spoil him as well as myself with certain foods.

Looking around the backyard for a trellis I spotted the gate that used to keep my little lop bunny Nibbles from getting out the backyard. Perfect as a cucumber trellis, as Nibble is no longer with us. Gate has been leaning up against the house for over a year and was just screaming for attention and a job in the garden.

All setup and ready to have the apple cucumbers planted next to it this evening. Once those carrots and leeks are gone, I'll find something new to plant there.

Today Pat pulled out the chilli bush come tree as it has to be 5 years old and not doing so well. That is now in the chook house for them to peck over and strip.

With the chilli bush now gone, this opened up the area for some cucumbers. Being in the no-dig area, I'll just need to move some soil for a hole and drop the seedlings in. Pat couldn't get over how dark and rich the soil is.

Trellis all ready for a couple of cucumber seedlings.

By now I'm really walking round the garden and saying to Pat.... little trellises will need to be used and squeezed in. I am a firm believer in close plantings, maybe this is why I don't suffer much in the way of weeds in my vegie patch.

Choose this area as the trellises we made were only small for 1 cucumber to grow on.

All ready as well for the seedlings tonight. Still leaving me room to move about and harvest foods.

Have you noticed, you never see Pat's face? He doesn't want his face on the internet and humors me with photos of body parts instead. Maybe I should call him "Wilson" like on the TV show "Home Improvements"

Here's a tip with small trellises, before you hammer in the stakes, weave those stakes through the wire used for a trellis. That way the wire is firm before the stakes are hammered into the ground. This saves either pulling the wire off the stakes and re-threading it or pulling up the stakes.

Another tip...don't leave tool laying around the yard. Weather could rust them or they could be stolen. Also don't strain your back carrying too many in 1 trip.

So there you have it, a lovely busy play time out in my little vegie patch sorting out cucumbers & beans.

Below are 2 photos, a before and an afterward of what this part of my garden now looks like.



Sometime in the next week I am going to turn the green manure in and get this area ready for corn, zucchinis and bush pumpkins.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what Pat & I did this afternoon. In the near future I hope to show you some FAB TAB results of foods harvested.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Anonymous said...

Your garden is looking fabulous Lucky, all that hard work is certainly paying off!


Libbys Blog said...

As I have such a small plot I grow up too. I have found a fantastic heritage pea that grows to 6ft and a climbing French Bean plant, both exceptionally good!

Lucky-1 said...

Thank you Molly:D Because I see gardening as joy, I call it playing and not work.

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Libby:D

I think a trellis is a must have in all vegie gardens:) If we grow peas, they never make it past the garden pavers....we only eat them standing at the pea trellis:)