Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Chooks

So far this year my large Isa browns have laid 1201 eggs. This in my books is a mighty feat and I just have to have a bit of a rave on about how wonderful they are.

I love the whole idea of having chooks for not only the eggs but for other great reasons.

  • free manure
  • composting materials
  • great company
  • eating kitchen scraps & garden weeds.
  • stress release


All those eggs we haven't eaten them ourselves. I sell the eggs for a few $$ and this in return buys their pellets.

There is something about sitting out the back enjoying a cuppa and listening to the chooks, as they go about their day.

Like many other people, I must have the only hen that lays an egg on our planet and loves to let everyone know when she's laid it.

BBQs are great as all the food scraps are thrown to them, when cleaning up and its fun to watch 1 hen try and out run all the others with her prize, firmly in her beak.

Weeding can become a relaxing time, well for me anyway. As I know that the weeds will help to feed the girls & Radar. Plus it helps to yellow up those egg yokes.

Home laid eggs, are on a par of their own. I haven't bought eggs for 9 years now.

I love to stand and watch them when I have fed them. Its a great way to learn about their pecking order and to see if one chook is being picked on and treated as an outcast.

Be it a couple of little bantams or 1/2 dozen larger chooks, pure bred or a Hinze 59 chook, they can bring so much joy to a backyard.

Not only that, the kids will love to collect the eggs and feed them. I know I do mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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The Duck Herder said...

i wouldnt be without 'em either Lucky 1!

Lucky-1 said...

Great little animals:)