Friday, September 12, 2008

Plants Moving

With the warmer weather I am finding plants are well and truly on the move. This means now I am going to increase the amount of mulch in the garden, as the soil will be starting to warm up enough to do this.

Green manure is now big enough to leave the bird netting off. Very pleased with the crop this year. Bird netting sure made a big difference in how much seed germinated.

Spuds are coming up and so now I will mulch the area and build up this area. This is my first year growing spuds in the soil, rather than on top of the soil but under straw.

First load of mulch on the spuds. Little plant heads are just poking through the straw.

Broccoli is starting to form heads in the plants. Can't wait to be eating my own broccoli again.

Nothing showing in the centres of the cauliflowers yet.

Broad beans are starting to flower now as well. I am growing these as Jamie Oliver made this bean sound so exciting on his garden/kitchen show. Here's hoping I can find a recipe that we like.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Stewart said...

Yeah! It's an exciting time of the year for gardeners. If you find any nice Broad Bean recipes I'd be interested to see them cos I think I'll have B Beans comin' out my ears soon.

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Stewart:) Great to have you leave a comment. I hope you too have a good harvest.

Chris and Dave said...

Your gardens look glorious in their new Spring clothes! Keep the momentum going. :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Chris & Dave. More has happened and more to come.