Saturday, September 13, 2008

Playing With My Food.

When is it okay to play with your food??

Easy...... when out in your vegie garden. That is what I did today and I had a ball.

My garden as of this morning, before I started to play around. Removed all bird netting and started to think of where I wanted to plant what.

Using the lights and bird bath as markers I planted some capsicums between the asparagus and the brassica plants.

Leaving the poly pipe where they are, this keeps them out from under our feet elsewhere in the backyard. I'll just move them around the garden as I need them.

Between the asparagus on the left and the silverbeet, I sowed some Blue Lake climbing beans. I'll put up a trellis once the beans have germinated.

This area was growing carrots and radishes. But with all that rain we had a week or so ago, fine weeds took over and I couldn't tell what was what.

To solve this problem, I turned the soil and planted 2 tomato seedlings and about 4 capsicum seedlings in this area. Then a good mulching, this will control those fine weeds and at the same time, grow summer crops.

Around the edges are clumps of chives and parsley.

Our dwarf apple tree, going to put a weed mulch mat around the tree this coming week. Behind the tree is the raspberry and tomato, capsicum and herb area.

Due to all the mulch, I have netted the area until the seedlings are big enough to cope with birds digging round them.

Using the big netting from over the green manure patch, I'll have enough room when staking the tomatoes.

I didn't net the other newly mulched areas, due to the lack of space and wanting to squeeze in as much food as I can.

Between carrots, leeks and leafy greens, 3 more tomato seedlings.

Seedlings planted out today were 1 seedling of each variety below.

  • Rouge De Marmanade
  • Cherry Red
  • Black Russian
  • Oxheart
  • Tigerella
As well as about 8 Californian Wonder capsicums.

In line with moon planting cycles, its a good day for planting fruiting annuals. I have planted out not only tomatoes, capsicums and beans in the garden. But also seeds in punnets for later on.

Wheel barrow comes in handy for mixing worm castings, peat coir & propagating sand together. Then lots of playing room for filling punnets and sowing seeds.

After the seeds are sown I pop propagating sand on top and into the mini shade house until they germinate and harden off.

In line with sowing fruiting annuals and moon phases, my list for today are....

  • Butter Beans
  • Green Dwarf Beans
  • Bush Pumpkins
  • Early Long Purple Eggplants
  • Red Eggplants
In tomatoes I have sown many I haven't grown before...

  • Black Tula
  • Druzba
  • Marianna's Place
  • Soldacki
As well as old favourites of ours

  • Grosse Lisse
  • Black Russian
The chooks enjoyed a day out as well, running with the ducks. I let them turn the compost for me again today. This kept them from wanting to jump the "people fence" and getting into trouble.

Stopped for a BBQ and that was lovely, as James came round for lunch.

My body is aching from all the hard playing, I should in theory sleep well tonight. Just as long as I don't dream too much about tomatoes and summer crops.....

Until next time....hoo roo

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molly said...

WOW Lucky, you certainly have been busy, you will have another busy time harvesting and canning that lot! Looks great.