Friday, October 31, 2008

sshh Tomatoes Growing

Just have to show you my tomato trusses. I am so pleased with the plants and the fruit already on the plants.

Lets take a look at them.

Grosse Lisse

Cherry Red

Rouge De Marmanade


Black Russian


I am really hoping for a good tomato season and I have a strong feeling I'm going to get that this summer.

Hoping you too have a good crop of tomatoes this season.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feeding Time .

A bit of fun, showing you how popular I am when I have food in my hand. mrgreen

Tomatoes & Celery

While out harvesting a second raid on the broad beans I was noticing how well my garden is growing. I really do believe feeding the soil and resting some of those areas, has been part of why the plants are responding so well.

Already my tomatoes have more fruit on the plants than what we harvested last year. Last season's crop of tomatoes was not even 500 grams. Oh we were so disappointed and had never suffered a harvest like that before. Mind you a lot of gardeners in my area also suffered from low cropping as well.

I've been keeping glass sauce bottles for making my own sauce and only due to the kindness of a friend, was I able to make my first batch last summer. Really hoping that these tomato plants keep going as well as what they are.

Lets take a look at some photos of them.

Where the carrots were is now cleaned up and ready for capsicums. Just need to find time to add the mushroom compost & gypsum to the area.

Leeks haven't started to go to seed yet and so they are staying put. Two of the 4 apple cucumbers are growing on the trellis. This will be more than enough to keep Pat in cucumbers. Though he is thinking it won't.

Look at my 3 tomato plants! Looking ever so FAB TAB and all having fruit on them. Back plant is an Oxheart, middle one is Tigerella and foreground is Black Russian.

This is a bit of an odd patch with chives, parsley, egg plant and tomatoes.

Rouge De Marmanade to the front left and Cherry Red to the front right. The little guy at the back on the left is a Grosse Lisse, who was planted a few weeks later.

These all have fruit on them as well.

So we're having a good variety of tomatoes this season. Nothing beats a home grown tomato, sure beats those plastic ones sold at the shops.

This is my celery area. I popped the little packet of potasium in front, to give you an idea of the size of it. Celery was given to me as seedlings by our "good gardening buddy" Pepe.

Nothing like picking a fresh, sweet, tasty, crunchy celery stalk out of the garden and eating it there and then. I thought celery would be hard to grow, not so and after tasting home grown, it'll be in the garden every year now.

If you haven't grown celery, why not give it a try.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photos From Pat

More photos from Pat and his macro lens.

Potato Flower

Social Garlic



Blue Bearded Iris

Just love looking at the flowers close up. We can miss a lot with our naked eye.

Thanks Pat for bringing these beautiful closer to us.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Harvesting One's Own Food.

After the hot day we had here, getting out into the vegie garden after tea was just wonderful. I took 2 baskets with me for harvesting and I didn't walk away disappointed.

Nothing beats harvesting organic vegies from your own garden patch. Well this is what I think anyway. Walking around the garden checking to see how the plants went in the hot spell and seeing positive results from all that mulching. Makes a gardener feel so proud of what she has learnt and put into practice.

Broad beans, asparagus, broccoli (side shoots) and English spinach, freshly picked and ready for taking inside and sorting out.

Not bad for my first harvest of broad beans. Shell pods aren't wasted, they are ready to be chopped up and popped into the worm farms tomorrow. I tried growing these a few years back and didn't like them at all. Then watching Jamie Oliver in his garden one night, he was on about broad beans. He made them sound so exciting and also I learnt more about broad beans that night. Including peeling that bitter skin off, if the beans are too big.

The luxury of growing one's own food, is getting to choose the size we want to pick and eat them at. Where as when buying vegetables at the shops, we tend to want more for the $$$.

English spinach was sorted into 3 categories, baby leaves for salads, good leaves for cooking and the old leaves for animals. Once again nothing is wasted.

Broccoli was mostly those side shoots that come on after the main head is harvested. I also pulled out a couple of the broccoli plants that were past their used by date and feed them to the chooks & rabbits.

Tomorrow is going to be in the high teens and so this mean at this very moment, I am planning on spending the day in my vegie patch. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have a wonderful gardening report for you all.

Until then....hoo roo

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2000 Plus Reasons

Congratulations to my chooks, ducks & bantams, as they have passed the 2000 mark in egg laying for this year.

That's a lotta eggs in my books.mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pepe's Garden

This morning Pat & I took a drive out to our "good gardening buddy" Pepe. This time round Pat took his camera out and below are some photos of what is flowering in Pepe's garden.

Walking around Pepe's garden is always a joy. So much is happening in his garden from vegies growing, plants in flower to chooks and compost doing their thing.

Pepe's place is heaps bigger than my place and he has so much space. I loved the idea of letting heaps of his winter vegies going to seed and having the room to start the next season in another area.

The garden speaks volumes in my books. Around each corner is another story wanting to be told. I saw the areas as rooms, going through one gate to get to another section which is growing different sorts of plants.

His chooks are spending spring and summer in an area of his vegie patch that is fenced off, away from what is growing or going to seed. He's going to rest this area and let the chook fertilize the area and also clean up the bugs. Then start planting in it March next year.

We took a tour around his fence line and saw the native trees he's planted, local native grasses growing.

Thank goodness he doesn't have a cow for milking as he might have a boarder lol as his garden is what mine is in my dreams. Space to grow food and trees be them native or for food.

Pepe's garden is a credit to him. Well done Pepe. Two green thumbs up mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, October 20, 2008

New Babies.

Spring is here and there are some new babies.

This is our first apple for Lucky's Duck Farm and maybe the only one for this season. Not sure if its a Fuji or a golden delicious, as its a duo tree. Just hope Pat gets to eat it and not a bird.

Mother huntsman and her clutch of babies, safe in her web sack. Found her behind the fly trap I had resting on the back fence.

And here is Lucky saying her prayers before she has a snooze. Or maybe she was napping and I am interpreting it wrong.......... rolleyes

Knitted myself a little item this afternoon. Cleaned some of the house....... nice lunch and roast lamb chops in a rack for dinner.

Nice relaxing day. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Help I'm Killing My Rhubarb"

It saddens me to tell you that #9 rhubarb croaked it this passed week. Poor thing didn't even have a chance with me growing it.

But there is hope at Lucky's Duck Farm, yes numbers 10 & 11 have moved in.

Lets meet the lucky victims, I mean contestants for the next round in "Help I'm Killing My Rhubarb" reality show.

On the left is #10 and on the right #11.

I bought #10 and Pat for some reason though if I had 2 plant 1 might make it to the end of this year... hence #11.

#10 contestant is into compost, mulching and long drinks in the garden.

#11 loves long walks by the ocean and horse back riding in the Adelaide Hills.

Now you have met these 2 brave souls....... lets see what challenges lay a head for them.

A get out of compost bin free card.

With these 2 challengers each has a head start by having good roots and the host knowing where to have the height of the soil once in the ground.

#10 has a room all on its own....1 challenge is to gather some mulch and keep itself damp.

Room with a view.

#11 is already for that horse ride in the hills.

#11's challenge is to keep those pesky shoots from the straw strangling him.

So there you have it folks..... the new series in this long running epic show of....."Help I'm Killing My Rhubarb". Its been a cracker of a series..... 9 years worth.

Now on the right you'll find a poll where you can vote for your favourite contestant. You can vote daily and and it free. mrgreen Unlike other voting shows wink

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hey Good Looking What You Been Cooking.???

Saturday is usually spent in the garden. But today I spent the whole day in the kitchen. And I do mean the whole day. Its just after 6.20 pm and I have just about finished cleaning up the kitchen from the afternoons effort.

At 1 pm I took a break and fed Pat & I, then cleaned up what dishes were dirty and started again.

When the kids were growing up I used to spend every Saturday baking enough biscuits to feed us and visitors and half the kids in the street until the following Saturday.

Then when I was working, I was only baking here and there, when time permitted. Thing was the kids would come home in the middle of the night, drunk and hungry and make a meal out of the biscuits. I then learnt to buy the generic dry biscuits.

Now with James having moved out and Amy just about left and moved in with Benny....... I'm back cooking again.

So lets take a look at what I did today. I did pick some fiddly biscuits today, usually I only choose 1 and then easy recipes but today I was feeling mellow and went all out.

Peppermint Slice

Chocolate Chip, Milk Chip & ANZAC

Caramel Slice

My favourite slice. Lurv caramel slice.

Almond Chocolate Fingers

Those almond slices are sickly sweet and pretty darn lethal if eaten in a high quantity. I had milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate for these.

Nothing like putting one's feet up out the back with a cuppa and a few home made biscuits. Care to join me???

Until next time....hoo roo

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