Saturday, October 11, 2008

Easier Playing Today

Today was a much slower day and not as much needed attending to out in my now not so little vegie patch.

We have a temp forecast for tomorrow of 33 degrees with wind, not the most ideal day for gardening. This morning I finished off a list of jobs, that needed doing before that hot wind arrives.

Spuds needed some more straw around the plants for not only propping them up but as mulch. This is the first year that I have grown spuds under soil, so not sure if the plants will grow any smaller spuds in the straw. Guess harvest time will tell. I also added some sheep manure to help weigh the straw down.

Green manure before it was whipper snipped. I wanted it turned in and sheep manure added this morning. Going to be busy for the next few days due to doctor appointments for Pat. I wanted this job done, so it wasn't niggling at me.

All turned in and sheep manure was added. This will be left to rot down and turned a few more times, adding some gypsum and pulverized cow manure. Then corn and rock melons will be planted out in the area.

Thought I'd take you on a short tour around my vegie patch, show you some of the vegies that are doing "their thing".

# 9 still alive, hope this leaf will get bigger and not be burnt off tomorrow with that hot wind.

Garlic at a bird's eye view. Really pleased with this season's crop.

Comfrey looking FAB TAB. Ready for me to take some and add to the tumbler. Comfrey is a great compost activator or making a comfrey tea and watering your plants.

Been showing off my broccoli and thought the cauliflowers needed to have their 15 seconds of fame too. Had a bo-peep today and maybe some cauli heads are forming.

Celery from our "good gardening buddy" Pepe. Just love the crisp flavour of these stalks compared to the bought ones. I harvest them like silverbeet and planting them close together helps to blanch them.

Chives....Oh I just love chives on my spuds, in eggs, salads, mornays anywhere for that matter.

Tomorrow will be show and tell as Amy's boyfriend's parents are coming for lunch. This is the first time we will be meeting. Already in the fridge is a bag of goodies for their kitchen. Benny's mum wants to come here, so she can see my garden. Hope they are here before the heat and wind kicks in.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Rest is not idleness said...

Lucky, your garlic looks fantastic, when will you harvest it?
take care

Lucky-1 said...

HI Pip:) I'll harvest it towards the end of December. I was a bit late planting out the cloves this year. Garlic takes 9 months for it to grow and die off.

Can't wait to see what sort of harvest I'll have. I now am able to sow enough for the kitchen & sowing in March, each year. Mind you it took a few years to get my quota up:D

Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Lucky,
I planted my garlic in early May, so that would be why mine doesn't look as big as yours. Next year I'll plant it in March, like you I want to have enough for the kitchen and planting.
take care

Lucky-1 said...

Pip, I try to plant the garlic out on St Pat's day. Its a great date for reminding me.

Also towards harvest time, I cut back on the water.