Thursday, October 09, 2008

Extending No-Dig Area

I have written in past posts about extending the no-dig garden and cutting down the lawn area. Being it was forecast for 20 degrees and home all day, today was that day to make a start on the new area.

Due to Pat still having this virus (attacking his muscles and making his body ache) it was left to me to do everything. And I do mean everything.

With Pat telling me the easiest way to lift pavers and sleepers that have been down for about 5 years, I got to work. Once the pavers and sleepers were removed, I tried to use the push mower to mow the high lawn that grew against them.

This was not working out and so Pat gave me a verbal lesson on how to use his wiper sniper. Oh man I had a ball. I was so excited to be able to use the whipper snipper that I could have gone on for ages looking for stuff to trim. But this wasn't to happen as it died and wouldn't start again.

So while Pat had a seat and looked at his now busted toy, I went my merry way in the garden.

This is what the edge of the no-dig garden looks like after 5 years of piling compost, sheep manure and poultry waste onto this area. I think of this as "free soil" and I know what has gone into making it.

After layering the newspaper onto the lawn and making sure it over lapped, time to put the edging back. Pat's sack truck came in handy for this as they were heavy for me to lift. I made sure the sleepers came to the edge of the paper.

When I took this photo, I thought.."holy crap" will I have enough goodies to make the first sandwich?

I made my no-dig sandwich in this order....

  • newspaper
  • sheep manure
  • compost
  • poultry straw, laced with chicken and duck manure
  • blood & bone

All made and ready to break down. Left the cow and frog to oversee the area and keep it under control.

Now to let the area settle down and in a couple of weeks I'll add some more manure (pulverize cow manure) and used straw laced with poultry manure on top.

Then I'll leave the area to rest until early next year.

But this area won't be doing nothing as it sits there, doing it's thing underneath. I bought some seedlings today of

  • zucchini
  • button squash
  • golden nugget pumpkins
These will be planted on the edge of the old parts of the no-dig and left to ramble over the new no-dig area. That way the new area is being used, before I am ready to actually plant there.

More than likely the first load of vegies to be planted in the new area, will be winter brassica plants. With no-dig gardening its wise not to plant tall plants in the area for a few years, as there may not be enough "soil" to support them.

The whipper snipper still under warranty, so we needed to take back to Bunnings. After a talk with a lovely lady and explained how we'd had it 4 months and 1 month of that time, it was sent away to be fixed and this was the second breakdown.... we were allowed to get a new one. So Pat paid an extra $10.00 and picked out a different brand and bought a Ryobi. Pat said he wants first play with it. I call Bunnings "The Toy Shop" as they have some darn cool toys to play with.

While at Bunings, I also bought some more seedlings
  • mixed lettuces
  • more capsicums
  • seed raising mix
The seedlings will be planted out tomorrow morning, just after 7 am. What a great way to start a new day.

Until next time....hoo roo

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SubtropicalHappiness said...

You arte a wonder Mrs Sparkle.
Great job and I am sure Pat made a great forman LOL
Hugs to you both

Stewart said...

Nice work,
If your not busy this weekend I could use a new no dig garden :)

Lucky-1 said...

HI Rhonda:D I am a wonder at times and I was wondering this morning.....where all the left over space went in the old no-dig area....hence today's posting.

Lucky-1 said...

LOL Stewart:D I have had quite a few offers to get me to visit them and build no-dig gardens. I think my place would go to weeds if I took all those asking up.

The Mad_House said...

Looks great Lucky!
I am so enjoying your blog and visit often for ideas and inspiration!
I am looking to make some raised beds and/or a no dig one.
Will have to buy in some soil for the raised ones. I was wondering if I could plant out in it straight potatoes or something?
If I did a no dig one as per your sandwich ,lol...can you plant out straight away?
I'm looking for somewhere to put some spuds before it's too late!

Lucky-1 said...

Starting a no-dig garden off with spuds is a FAB TAB of a way. This is how I did my first no-dig garden. The next days post will answer your questions on how to plant (or how I do it) in it the same day.