Saturday, October 25, 2008

Harvesting One's Own Food.

After the hot day we had here, getting out into the vegie garden after tea was just wonderful. I took 2 baskets with me for harvesting and I didn't walk away disappointed.

Nothing beats harvesting organic vegies from your own garden patch. Well this is what I think anyway. Walking around the garden checking to see how the plants went in the hot spell and seeing positive results from all that mulching. Makes a gardener feel so proud of what she has learnt and put into practice.

Broad beans, asparagus, broccoli (side shoots) and English spinach, freshly picked and ready for taking inside and sorting out.

Not bad for my first harvest of broad beans. Shell pods aren't wasted, they are ready to be chopped up and popped into the worm farms tomorrow. I tried growing these a few years back and didn't like them at all. Then watching Jamie Oliver in his garden one night, he was on about broad beans. He made them sound so exciting and also I learnt more about broad beans that night. Including peeling that bitter skin off, if the beans are too big.

The luxury of growing one's own food, is getting to choose the size we want to pick and eat them at. Where as when buying vegetables at the shops, we tend to want more for the $$$.

English spinach was sorted into 3 categories, baby leaves for salads, good leaves for cooking and the old leaves for animals. Once again nothing is wasted.

Broccoli was mostly those side shoots that come on after the main head is harvested. I also pulled out a couple of the broccoli plants that were past their used by date and feed them to the chooks & rabbits.

Tomorrow is going to be in the high teens and so this mean at this very moment, I am planning on spending the day in my vegie patch. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have a wonderful gardening report for you all.

Until then....hoo roo

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1 comment:

SubtropicalHappiness said...

Yummo Lucky they all look good my Brocolli is all done the girls had the plants yesterday for a snack.
I am going to try Broad Beans next when it is time to plant them here.

(((()))) to you and Pat