Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Help I'm Killing My Rhubarb"

It saddens me to tell you that #9 rhubarb croaked it this passed week. Poor thing didn't even have a chance with me growing it.

But there is hope at Lucky's Duck Farm, yes numbers 10 & 11 have moved in.

Lets meet the lucky victims, I mean contestants for the next round in "Help I'm Killing My Rhubarb" reality show.

On the left is #10 and on the right #11.

I bought #10 and Pat for some reason though if I had 2 plant 1 might make it to the end of this year... hence #11.

#10 contestant is into compost, mulching and long drinks in the garden.

#11 loves long walks by the ocean and horse back riding in the Adelaide Hills.

Now you have met these 2 brave souls....... lets see what challenges lay a head for them.

A get out of compost bin free card.

With these 2 challengers each has a head start by having good roots and the host knowing where to have the height of the soil once in the ground.

#10 has a room all on its own....1 challenge is to gather some mulch and keep itself damp.

Room with a view.

#11 is already for that horse ride in the hills.

#11's challenge is to keep those pesky shoots from the straw strangling him.

So there you have it folks..... the new series in this long running epic show of....."Help I'm Killing My Rhubarb". Its been a cracker of a series..... 9 years worth.

Now on the right you'll find a poll where you can vote for your favourite contestant. You can vote daily and and it free. mrgreen Unlike other voting shows wink

Until next time....hoo roo

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Anonymous said...

LOL @the rhubarb.....hopefully this time Lucky it will grow, I seem to do that with some plants too, its like a hex LOL!


Lucky-1 said...

Oh Molly its my dream to grow rhubarb, I try each year when they come into season and are sold.

Love rhubarb and apple with custard and cream:D

I need orange said...

I love rhubarb, and didn't realize it was tricky to grow!

Lucky-1 said...

Oh rhubarb is easy to grow, or so my gardening friends tell me. Just that I am a cereal killer when it comes to growing it myself...LOL