Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lucky Versus The Poxy Bird

Yesterday evening Pat spotted that poxy feral bird in my tomato area stealing straw and flying into the tree next to the hen house.

On investigation I found a bird nest, made from my garden mulch. So this morning I took some photos before I removed it.

Been a while since I last checked for bird nests in the trees. Looking at the nest from inside the chook house.

Birds be native to your country or feral free loaders do make amazing nests. I spread the tree limbs apart from the outside of the tree to take this photo and remove the nest. Hoping there were no eggs or worst still baby birds in it.

No eggs or babies and now binned. Was a racket outside a few minutes ago....wonder if the birds came home and found their nest gone?

Just about to drink my first cuppa for the day and then out into the garden again. Green manure to turn over and spuds to put straw around.

Until next time....Hoo roo

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SubtropicalHappiness said...

Darn birds. We have some minor birds here they are noisy and dirty but they nest else where little pests.
R.E. Garden beds. I have now got the materials for 4 beds 3.7mtrs long by 1.7 wide.
Just got to hammer them together (raised beds) and fill em up with good growing medium and away we go

Lucky-1 said...

Oh sweet:D Look forward to hearing more about the area in the future:D