Monday, October 20, 2008

New Babies.

Spring is here and there are some new babies.

This is our first apple for Lucky's Duck Farm and maybe the only one for this season. Not sure if its a Fuji or a golden delicious, as its a duo tree. Just hope Pat gets to eat it and not a bird.

Mother huntsman and her clutch of babies, safe in her web sack. Found her behind the fly trap I had resting on the back fence.

And here is Lucky saying her prayers before she has a snooze. Or maybe she was napping and I am interpreting it wrong.......... rolleyes

Knitted myself a little item this afternoon. Cleaned some of the house....... nice lunch and roast lamb chops in a rack for dinner.

Nice relaxing day. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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joolzmac said...

Aaaagh! I can't stand huntsmen spiders! They freak me out! The only good huntsmen is a dead huntsmen - killed by someone else while I am preferrably 200 feet away!

I actually had to call my hubby home on Monday because we had a small on on the ceiling in our garage. I had walked out under it about 8 times before I spied it - *hairs standing on end on my arms*

I also like to see evidence of dead spidey before it is put in the bin - hopefully 200 pieces of it. Y-U-C-K!!! :(

Our puss, Bonnie, is missing in action - probably never to return. She has been gone a 8 days now. She has disappeared for 4 days before, but I think she is gone for good this time. We had a cat called Lucky years ago, but I ran over his tail and he became a 'manx', he got stuck up a tree, got his head caught under the garage door, got squished as a kitten by my daughter then finally departed this earth, under a car.
Lucky indeed!
Cheers - Joolz

joolzmac said...

Just an update - you wouldn't believe it but Bonnie arrived home the next day, a little skinnier but otherwise unscathed for her 10 days away from home. No idea where she had been!

Cheers - Joolz

Lucky-1 said...

Oh this is great news and thanks so much for letting me know Bonnie is home safe.:D

Mind you I can think of a better way to loose