Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pepe's Garden

This morning Pat & I took a drive out to our "good gardening buddy" Pepe. This time round Pat took his camera out and below are some photos of what is flowering in Pepe's garden.

Walking around Pepe's garden is always a joy. So much is happening in his garden from vegies growing, plants in flower to chooks and compost doing their thing.

Pepe's place is heaps bigger than my place and he has so much space. I loved the idea of letting heaps of his winter vegies going to seed and having the room to start the next season in another area.

The garden speaks volumes in my books. Around each corner is another story wanting to be told. I saw the areas as rooms, going through one gate to get to another section which is growing different sorts of plants.

His chooks are spending spring and summer in an area of his vegie patch that is fenced off, away from what is growing or going to seed. He's going to rest this area and let the chook fertilize the area and also clean up the bugs. Then start planting in it March next year.

We took a tour around his fence line and saw the native trees he's planted, local native grasses growing.

Thank goodness he doesn't have a cow for milking as he might have a boarder lol as his garden is what mine is in my dreams. Space to grow food and trees be them native or for food.

Pepe's garden is a credit to him. Well done Pepe. Two green thumbs up mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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