Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Quiet Day Today

Woke to a light shower of rain this morning. Once the shower had cleared I was out feeding and watering animals.

Having a quiet day today. No cleaning (except the kitchen dishes) as I think I deserve a day off from this.

I have posted over on "Garden To Plate" a couple of photos of my leeks and how I whiten them. Also I popped some photos up on "My Knitting Box" on a "something new" swap I was involved in over on Woolaholics.

Being as its a cool day here, I have been watching some "Supernatural" dvds knitting Pat's jumper.

Though I am thinking this RDO is making me sleepy, I am resisting a nanna nap.

Tonight for tea were having an egg & bacon pie with salad. The girls are laying eggs, like there is no tomorrow.

Very quiet here at Lucky's Duck Farm. Nice having a few days like this where the garden is looking after itself. Leaves me free to relax or catch up on other items.

Until next time....hoo roo

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