Friday, October 10, 2008

Sometimes I Amaze Myself

Sometimes I amaze myself when I get into the garden mode. I think too far ahead and this can lead to some quick thinking to fix a problem I have created.

Take the no-dig area I made yesterday. Got some FAB TAB feed back on my blog and forums I live on. Thanks for all the positive feed back, it's great to be told I have done a great job.

So here is the problem I made for myself. When we took Pat's whipper snipper back to Bunnings, I visited the seedling area and just had to buy some more summer seedlings.

See these lovely seedlings? I was going to plant the squash, zucchini & pumpkins at the edge of the no-dig area that is years old. Then let the plants ramble over the new no-dig area.

Well doh Lucky! You forgot there wasn't any room for those 9 seedlings. eek So I had 9 babies needing homes and quickly too.

Putting my thinking cap on and sitting out the back with an iced skinny coke I stared at the garden and came up with the idea following idea.

I'd use the new area I had created yesterday. But with some changes to how I plant out the seedlings.

As the area is very new, there isn't a lot of material to plant seedlings in with out extra "soil" of some kind to keep the seedling roots moist.

With mushroom compost, pulverized cow manure and some mulch from Bunnings (had to go back there today for those ingredients) I was able to plant the 9 seedlings out into the new area.

Looks good doesn't it? I shifted the Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegoides) to the new edge and it can hang over the side and cover those odd pavers. I lifted a pile of soil underneath the plant at the same time. Then pressed the straw up against the plant.

Planted some more mixed loose lettuces near the parsley and cucumbers.

Problem solved.

Now the next problem I had to look at was those poxy black birds that have returned with the fine spring weather. Rotten sods had played havoc in the new area in the early hours of this morning. So with new seedlings planted in the no-dig area and those birds not listen to me calling it a "no-dig area"..... something needed to be done to protect those 9 seedlings for the next month or so.

One lovely long piece of bird netting with poly pipe stretched out low, problem solved. mrgreen I knew investing in bird netting would pay off in the long run.

I used the poly pipe from the garlic and leafy greens area, that didn't have netting over. Shame Amy's washing was there when I took the photo.

So now I have finished with this area until I put more duck bedding and cow manure in the area in a couple of weeks. Then that netting will have to be removed and put back.

On tomorrow's list of playing is the green manure area, time to turn this in. I have a bag of sheep manure in the carport for this very job. Thanks to my nephew Ashley who bagged 2 big bags for me. Other bag was used in the no-dig area yesterday.

Once the green manure has rotted down enough....corn will go in there and also a couple of rock melon plants for Pat. Shoot that'll mean I have to listen to his story about how the chooks years ago ate his only rock melon on the plant. rolleyes Those chooks are long gone..... but his memory isn'

On that note.

Until next time....hoo roo

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SubtropicalHappiness said...

Hey Lucky I don't have a space problem I have plenty as you know. My problem is where to organise it all.
Your yard is looking wonderful.
((((hugs)))) to you both

Lucky-1 said...

Oh I'd love to be able to help you plan your vegie plots. Such fun:D

((HUGS)) back