Friday, October 31, 2008

sshh Tomatoes Growing

Just have to show you my tomato trusses. I am so pleased with the plants and the fruit already on the plants.

Lets take a look at them.

Grosse Lisse

Cherry Red

Rouge De Marmanade


Black Russian


I am really hoping for a good tomato season and I have a strong feeling I'm going to get that this summer.

Hoping you too have a good crop of tomatoes this season.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Chris and Dave said...

Wow, you really went gun-ho with the tomatoes this year. But aren't they so very worth it! Lots of different varities, have you eat them all before?

I've had roma tomatoes and they were simply delicious. This year I'm trying Brandywines. I hear they have a lovely sweet flavour.

Best of luck with your growing season. I'd love to see a plate with all those lovely tomatoes sliced up to see the differences. The black ones will be interesting!

Yeehah said...

Yes, but can you grow rhubarb???


Lots love,


Lucky-1 said...

Oh let me know how the Brandywine variety taste:D

What a great idea about slicing the tomatoes and placing on a plate. The Black Russians are just so beautiful to eat.

Second time growing them.

Lucky-1 said...

LOL sure I can grow rhubarb, but killing it, is easier;P

Chris and Dave said...

If you want I can post you some seed for the Brandywine variety. I have extra!

angela said...

Good on you. Our tomatoe season hasnt really started yet. I hope to have as good a season as last year. I dont know how much I harvested but I still have a couple of jars of tomatoe sauce I made last year.
Hears hoping

Lucky-1 said...

I'd love some seeds Chris, you can email me at


and we'll exchange postal addresses. I'd love to send you some seeds in return too.

Lucky-1 said...

Angela, I made my first batch of tomato sauce last year and can be found here....

Hoping to make another batch or 2 this season.

ButterflyGirl said...

Lucky you make me so jealous, I started some tomatoes from seed but they are going very slow, at the moment they only have their first true leaves, I might have to resort to buying some big ones from the garden shop.

Well done, hope you have a great harvest from them.


Lucky-1 said...

Vanessa, your in the right situation here. Go out and buy 4 to 6 tomato plants and get them in the soil.

Then by the time these grow, fruit and start to slow down. Your own seedlings will be coming up to fruit and ripened fruit could be not far off.

Staggering your plantings will give you a long harvest from your vegie patch:D

Thanks for the good words about mine too:)