Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tomatoes & Celery

While out harvesting a second raid on the broad beans I was noticing how well my garden is growing. I really do believe feeding the soil and resting some of those areas, has been part of why the plants are responding so well.

Already my tomatoes have more fruit on the plants than what we harvested last year. Last season's crop of tomatoes was not even 500 grams. Oh we were so disappointed and had never suffered a harvest like that before. Mind you a lot of gardeners in my area also suffered from low cropping as well.

I've been keeping glass sauce bottles for making my own sauce and only due to the kindness of a friend, was I able to make my first batch last summer. Really hoping that these tomato plants keep going as well as what they are.

Lets take a look at some photos of them.

Where the carrots were is now cleaned up and ready for capsicums. Just need to find time to add the mushroom compost & gypsum to the area.

Leeks haven't started to go to seed yet and so they are staying put. Two of the 4 apple cucumbers are growing on the trellis. This will be more than enough to keep Pat in cucumbers. Though he is thinking it won't.

Look at my 3 tomato plants! Looking ever so FAB TAB and all having fruit on them. Back plant is an Oxheart, middle one is Tigerella and foreground is Black Russian.

This is a bit of an odd patch with chives, parsley, egg plant and tomatoes.

Rouge De Marmanade to the front left and Cherry Red to the front right. The little guy at the back on the left is a Grosse Lisse, who was planted a few weeks later.

These all have fruit on them as well.

So we're having a good variety of tomatoes this season. Nothing beats a home grown tomato, sure beats those plastic ones sold at the shops.

This is my celery area. I popped the little packet of potasium in front, to give you an idea of the size of it. Celery was given to me as seedlings by our "good gardening buddy" Pepe.

Nothing like picking a fresh, sweet, tasty, crunchy celery stalk out of the garden and eating it there and then. I thought celery would be hard to grow, not so and after tasting home grown, it'll be in the garden every year now.

If you haven't grown celery, why not give it a try.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Savvy Mummy said...

Hi Lucky, for edibles, do you use pea or lucerne mulch? Is composted pinebark ok?

Lucky-1 said...

No I don’t use bark in the veggie patch as it’ll mix in with t soil over time. I use either pea straw or plain old straw. I use this in the duck shed, chook shed, rabbit hutches and the veggie garden. Pink bark will also draw away the nitrogen from the soil and the plants will starve.