Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tonight's Meal.

Look exciting doesn't it? Fresh organic potatoes, leek, zucchini & a tomato. Most of this will be for tonight's meal to go with a chicken breast.

Making my own individual chicken pies and along side this will be grilled zucchini, steamed potaotoes in their jackets and stupidmarket peas. The leek will be used instead of onion in the pie mixture.

As I am typing this I can smell my bread cooking in the bread maker. Writing about what I will be eating tonight and smelling the bread is making for one hungry gardener.

While out harvesting, I needed to tie up the Cherry tomato plant....again. Darn thing is as tall as me now. This keeps up, I'll need a ladder to harvest the top tomatoes. lol

I often wonder about what it would have been like, if I didn't have a vegie garden.

  • How much extra money would be spent at the shops, to feed us?
  • Would we be eating such a variety of fruit & veg if we needed to buy everything?
I know Pat wouldn't be eating broccoli, as he only eats what I grow. I can put as much and as often as I like on his plate, as long as it's from my garden.

For me I'd not be eating grilled zucchini or asparagus almost nightly. Eggplant...wouldn't even look at it in the shops. I saw it growing in a vegie garden I was visiting once and thought it was unusual. Planted one, not knowing really what it tasted like. Pat doesn't like it but I do.

So many different kinds of food are growing out the back. Some like tomatoes, cucumbers & beans, there are more than one variety on offer.

Besides the healthy food on our plates we get our exercise and being at home most days, its a wonderful interest.

I often say to Pat.....all I need is a cow for milking and a steer for steaks and we'd be right. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Starting.

I've officially picked our first tomatoes for the 08/09 season.

Four Tigerella and one Black Russian. They are inside ripening in the basket. Not giving the chance for anything to eat any of them, spoiling our harvest.

Also its not long off before I'll be harvesting eggplants. I like these sliced crumbed and lightly fried in a good olive oil.

This one is on the bigger of the 2 eggplant bushes.

This little fella is on a little plant.

I spent most of the day in the kitchen as I made some apricot jam. I scored a bucket full from James' backyard. He moved there just over a week ago and told me about the fruit tree, loaded with apricots.

Isn't he a good fella moving to where there is a ripe apricot tree ready for the picking. lol

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Couple Of Awards.

Pip over on Rest Is Not Idleness has given me a blogger award.

Also Rhonda over at SubtropicalHappiness has given me this book worm award.

Thank you both so very much. Sorry I haven't acknowledged these 2 awards, but I have been so busy here.

New Foods

My vegie garden is soon going to be feeding us new foods. It's an exciting time in the garden as I watch colour changes and new crops growing.

Thought I'd show you and tell you about them.

Tigerella is so close to being picked. I actually picked the ripest one in the photo and split it down the middle with Pat. Very nice and I can see us growing and eating these each year. More of them are colouring up as well.

Black Russian is starting to colour up too. Grew this one back a couple of years ago and we loved it. Lot more on this bush that we had last time round.

I have put this down to a weekly feed of worm wee and potassium.

Zucchini can be picked anytime from now on. Have a couple else where in the garden and once they are a bit bigger, I'll harvest them and make a zucchini slice.

Bush pumpkins are coming thick and fast. Due to Pat not eating pumpkin and not having the space to let the bigger vines run rampet around my backyard, I went for the more compact bush variety. I roast these without cutting as they grow about the size of a cricket ball.

Yellow button squash...not looking very yellow. If I remeber rightly, they are yellow from the very start of developement. Oh well....time will tell.

Lots of exciting things are happening and soon our taste buds will be savouring and renewing tastes.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spuds & Stuff

Over night we were blessed with 8 mm of rain and this morning I didn't need to water. Garden looks fresher for the rain and later on I'll just need to feed the garden with my weekly magic power boost.

Spent some time outside this morning in the cold wind (16 degrees here) and started to tidy up some of the areas and prepare them for the next crop. Cauliflower and broccoli is all finished and I am getting this area ready for bush beans. I have if all beans germinate and grow....32 plants needing a home.

Celery is going to seed and so this is being fed to Cadbury & Flossy. Cadbury is so over celery and now only eats the leaves, if nothing else is in her hutch. So I am thinking some of the celery will be chopped up and fed to the worms. Any left over, like the roots and such will be composted.

Tidied up the asparagus as well this morning. Trimmed back some of those really long leafy spears, as I am tripping over the ones laying down. This was composted as well.

Around my new no-dig area I removed all the poly pipe and popped it away between the nectarine tree and people fence. This will now make it easier when adding compost to this area.

My potatoes are almost ready for a full harvest. The Nicola potatos are starting to die right back while the Desiree are still showing good green growth.

I harvested these Nicola this morning for tonight's tea. Steamed organic spuds with butter and chives.......yummo. Weight of the harvest came in at 458 grams, while not a good return for 1 sown seed spud....still very pleased with the though of eating my own spuds.

Things are always moving and changing in my garden....... makes the backyard look new every few weeks.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, November 21, 2008

More Tomato Babies

Now the tomato seeds have started germinating, new ones are coming up each day. The best part is all varieties have germinated.

Can you see the baby Kellogg's Breakfast tomato seedling? Its towards the left of the cell wall. I am so excited to think this variety has come though for me. I'm going to be watching this variety closely as I want to not only taste it, but save seeds.

Bit of info for people who like me had never heard of the Kellogg's Breakfast variety.

More Cherry Mix up. These colours come in yellow, white & red. Seeds are from "Diggers".

More of the Azoychka seeds have germinated as well.

Info on Azoychka for you.

Also the Oxhearts are germinating well.

So many tomato varieties out in the gardening wow.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Award

Look what Rhonda over on SubtropicalHappiness has awarded me. Thanks so much Rhonda.

I would love to pass this award onto Purple who loves to recycle craft items and turn everyday items into craft objects. Purple..... your a gift to this planet with your recycling.

There is more ways to help our planet than I am sure we are aware of. Purple shows us other ways to save and recycle.

I love visiting her blog.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Having Too Much Fun

With tomatoes growing in the garden, I don't think a person can ever have too much fun. lol And having fun is what I am doing.

There is a new gardening forum here in Australia and its called Ozgrow and there are some really lovely gardening people who post over on it. Some of these gardener have a passion for the old tomato and I must say...... I love to read about what they are growing. Seems to feed my appetite for learning more about tomatoes and the fact I love growing them.... helps to keep in touch with other growers. Why not check out the forum. mrgreen

Do you know how to save tomato seeds in the purest form?? I though it was just pick one of these babies when ripe and wash the seeds and dry them.

Over on Ozgrow I found out, this is wrong. Here is the thread for you to have a gander at, on how to do it properly.

So out the back I went with my bags and check it out.

This truss of flowers haven't started to open and so I slipped a craft bag over the flowers and pulled the drawstrings to close it off.

Those little craft bags sure come in handy. Little piece of ribbon on the stem, loose enough not to strangle the stem. Will show me later on, what fruits are pure and can be saved.

I have covered a truss in the Tigerella, Black Russin, Oxheart, Cherry Red & Gross Lisse.

Stay tuned as this progresses mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Nine Days After Sowing.

Nine days ago on the 9th I sowed tomato, beans & cucumber seeds into cell trays in line with the moon cycles.

Yesterday I noticed that I have seedlings popping up in my mini hot house. As I am limited to my gardening exploits with my leg still not 100%, I am not sure if the tomato came up yesterday or on Sunday.

I had Sunday and Monday just gone, marked for sowing root crops. But I can't turn the soil and prepare the final rake over. Let alone bend over or squat to sow the seeds. My leg can't take that sort of punishment (would feel like that too) at the moment.

This means I'll have to wait until the next window, 14th - 15th December. I'll now aim for the sowing the leafy crops early Dec.

Using Pat's macro lens ( I so want a camera with a detachable macro lens) I photographed the seedlings.

Cherry Tomato

Hawkesbury Bush beans

Bountiful Butter beans

Apple cucumbers.

Starting seedlings up and then harvesting from the plant, blows my mind. To think from some tiny seed, comes a tomato bush, that can crop kilos of tomatoes.

Hoping to be back in the garden fully by the end of this week. Until then I'll rest the leg and knit to keep me happy. Only doing a little bit of house work each day. Be pleased as punch when things are back to normal.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rhubarb Update

Thought it was time to give you an update on the Rhubarb plants. They are still growing and producing new leaves. These 2 would have to be the best I have had and killed so far. Lets hope I don't kill these guys off.

Pat asked me the other day while watering them, "when can we eat them?" I said next year if they survive. This got me wondering, I have never had one last long enough to harvest any of those stems. All I know is to tear them off, not cut them off. Oh well! Don't count the stems before they grow. lol

Lets take a look at them.

#10 is looking pretty good and has a couple of new leaves. No a lot of mulch as the blackbirds keep raiding it for their nests and looking for grubs to eat.

#11 is getting covered in mulch and has something nibbling at it. New leaves are growing on this one as well.

Neither look like they are about to croak it either. Maybe there is hope for The Cereal Rhubarb Killer yet. eek I give them a weekly dose of worm wee, liquid manure & seasol.......please keep growing guys.

Have you voted yet on what you think will happen to these 2 plants??? You can find the poll to the right at the top of my blog. Or you can go and look at the polling results.

Now have you got your cuppa and toast??? Lets go for a walk around my not so little vegie patch and see what is happening.

First stop is the spuds. I had a bo-peep yesterday and found some lovely size spuds down in the soil. Maybe they could have done with some more straw around the plants, but I have been spread thinly with Pat's health and running the place....... I won't know until I harvest them, how I have done.

This time round I sowed them deep under the soil, hoping to keep the plant roots cooler. Thinking its too hot in my area for growing spuds under straw. I know the plants have been better above the straw this time round.

Italian parsley is starting to go to seed. Going to let it self sow as I never do very good on self seeding parsley. Out of all the seeds that would have dropped from the triple curl parsley, I got 1 plant. I don't think I have to worry about being over run with parsley seedlings later on.

Asparagus is going nuts and I can't keep up with the harvesting of the spears. Eating it almost every meal, not even sick of it yet.

Blue Lake beans are growing thick and fast. Flowers are coming now and hoping that I am over run with beans to pick and freeze.

Blue Lakes are my most favourite bean. As a kid I loved eating beans more so than peas, hasn't changed all these years later. I'm waiting on Bountiful Butter & Hawkesbury beans to germinate and pop out into an area.

Burpless cucumbers are starting to fruit and this means one more thing I don't have to buy at the green grocer or markets.

So there you have it, a closer look at what is going on in my vegie patch. Hope you enjoyed the wander around while sipping on your coffee or tea. Dregs go in the compost bin thanks and the toast crust to the ducks.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Oh it was a very rewarding day in my vegie patch today. Back in April I planted out what I thought was 40 cloves of garlic. Today I harvested 43 cloves and am I over the moon with the harvest.

Freshly pulled from the garden and ready to be put into sizes for storing.

Cleaned and sized. Those little ones at the front, went over to Amy & Ben's place for use in their kitchen.

I have enough harvested for my kitchen and next years crop. Taken me a few years of careful planning to get enough garlic to supply both kitchen & garden. Now I can pretty well use what I like in the kitchen and not worry about leaving enough for the garden, next March.

Best part about sowing my own garlic, it's used to my weather and soil conditions.

Plaited and ready for hanging under the veranda. Not sure the money value of my crop, but I do know it's heavy and smells so crisp & fresh. Must check out what garlic is worth to buy at the stupidmarkets, green grocer & markets.

Hanging and smelling out the veranda. One year I made the mistake of hanging it inside over the kitchen sick...... smelt bloody beautiful.

Poor Pat had an asthma attack as the smell was over powering for him. So I have to wait until they dry out more, before they can come inside and into the vegie rack.

Love cooking with garlic, but I can't use it in Pat's meals. His poor tummy can't handle it. Causes all sorts of problems and that sets of his asthma and we both then suffer.

Oh well, more for me.

Pat turned the area over for me this morning, ready for carrots and radishes. These will be planted out tomorrow or Monday in line with the moon cycle.

Also had a bo-peep at the spud area, looking FAB TAB from what I saw. Got some lovely size spuds in the soil. Guess I won't know the size of the harvest until they are dug up in a few weeks.

Other things I have been doing craft wise are

Dishcloth for Amy's kitchen (leaves in 6 weeks)

More baby booties

Dishcloth for my kitchen

Some rain is forecast for this week coming. Not planning around it or expecting it to arrive either. The last 2 loads forecast didn't turn up.

Until next time....hoo roo

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