Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bit Of This & That

First female bush pumpkin flower for this season.

Been a busy time here, though a lot hasn't been happening. lol That's as clear as mud.

Garden is busy and I'm still harvesting lots of food. Ducks & chooks are still laying oddles of eggs and staying on their side of the "people fence".

Where my time has been taken up is inside, with Pat. He isn't well still and yesterday we had an appointment with his asthma specialist.

More tests have been ordered to look into why he's not going too well with his asthma.

Also we were told a planned trip later this month to Sydney wasn't allowed, due to his health. So this visit to see Pat's family has been put on hold until next year.

This now opens up time for planting crops in November and not in December. I'm looking at planting the following by the end of this month......
  • basil
  • corn
  • rockmelon
  • apple cucumbers (need to replace a couple of seedlings that died)
  • radish
  • spring onions
Also any other seeds I can think of.

Been busy knitting socks and baby booties. Usually this is done while Pat is napping (as he's not sleeping at night) or after tea watching TV.

We have rain forecast for tomorrow. This is what the weather site is telling us. Really hope this does develop into good rain fall, as the last rain ban...... was all thunder and no rain.

Until next time....hoo roo

Forecast for Friday
Rain periods, clearing by early afternoon with a shower or two developing during
the evening. Mild with fresh northwest to southwest winds, strengthening near
the coast during the afternoon.

Precis Rain clearing, showers developing.
City: Min 14 Max 22

Saturday A few showers, easing. Min 13 Max 21
Sunday Shower or two. Min 13 Max 23
Monday Fine. Partly cloudy. Min 13 Max 26
Tuesday Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 13 Max 24
Wednesday Fine. Sunny. Min 12 Max 28

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