Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ducks In Spring.

Being as tonight is the night I can water with the hose, I bucketed the duck water out of their pond and watered the lemon tree with it.

Big excitement in the orchard yard as the hose was heading towards the duck pond. As usual Bundy was in first before the pond was even full of water.

Banjo always looks like a lady, what every time of the day or weather. Very rare to find her muddy or dirty.

With spring well and truly here and some days it feels like it's also gone for the year, Bundy is sowing his oats any time he gets a chance.

Water is the easiest way for large ducks to mate and Bundy thinks about it a lot. I noticed some of the ducks have bald patches on the back of their heads.

Found these eggs this evening while feeding and watering the poultry. I spotted Duchess there earlier today. Not sure if she has even started to sit on these eggs.

Not the best area for a nest as Bundy can annoy her. Best thing I can do is remove the eggs and keep an eye on this area. Save some eggs and see if I can sort something out for Duchess, if she stays broody.

These leeks came out of the soil as is. No stripping of leaves and those toilet rolls sure have done their job. Lovely and blanched. Making small chicken pies for our tea tonight.

This evening I'm going to make a list of what I want to still plant out for summer harvesting. Then I'll match them to moon planting cycles. Get myself organized.

Tomorrow I'm planning on spending it in the garden. Even taking a couple of lamb chops and some sausages out the freezer tonight, for a BBQ lunch tomorrow.

Starving for some gardening time.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Anonymous said...

ooooh, can you tell me please what you do with the loo roll lucky, you sow the seed in them then plant out with loo roll still around seedling?


Lucky-1 said...

HI Molly:)

I planted the leeks out as per normal and once the plants were about a pencil thick, I popped a toilet roll over each of them.

Keeps the stalks clean while they thicken and grow.

I need orange said...

Wild ducks live at the zoo. :-) I've got a couple of pics, but they won't show up for a few days....

Lucky-1 said...

Love ducks be them wild or domestic.