Saturday, November 15, 2008


Oh it was a very rewarding day in my vegie patch today. Back in April I planted out what I thought was 40 cloves of garlic. Today I harvested 43 cloves and am I over the moon with the harvest.

Freshly pulled from the garden and ready to be put into sizes for storing.

Cleaned and sized. Those little ones at the front, went over to Amy & Ben's place for use in their kitchen.

I have enough harvested for my kitchen and next years crop. Taken me a few years of careful planning to get enough garlic to supply both kitchen & garden. Now I can pretty well use what I like in the kitchen and not worry about leaving enough for the garden, next March.

Best part about sowing my own garlic, it's used to my weather and soil conditions.

Plaited and ready for hanging under the veranda. Not sure the money value of my crop, but I do know it's heavy and smells so crisp & fresh. Must check out what garlic is worth to buy at the stupidmarkets, green grocer & markets.

Hanging and smelling out the veranda. One year I made the mistake of hanging it inside over the kitchen sick...... smelt bloody beautiful.

Poor Pat had an asthma attack as the smell was over powering for him. So I have to wait until they dry out more, before they can come inside and into the vegie rack.

Love cooking with garlic, but I can't use it in Pat's meals. His poor tummy can't handle it. Causes all sorts of problems and that sets of his asthma and we both then suffer.

Oh well, more for me.

Pat turned the area over for me this morning, ready for carrots and radishes. These will be planted out tomorrow or Monday in line with the moon cycle.

Also had a bo-peep at the spud area, looking FAB TAB from what I saw. Got some lovely size spuds in the soil. Guess I won't know the size of the harvest until they are dug up in a few weeks.

Other things I have been doing craft wise are

Dishcloth for Amy's kitchen (leaves in 6 weeks)

More baby booties

Dishcloth for my kitchen

Some rain is forecast for this week coming. Not planning around it or expecting it to arrive either. The last 2 loads forecast didn't turn up.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Stewart said...

Congratulations on your garlic ,it looks great, I've just started on the same journey and gather it will take me 3 years to have enough to harvest and use as well.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Stewart:D

I nearly lost the lot one year, as I sowed them in my no-dig area.:(

Thank fully I was able to get enough "good" ones for the following season's sowing.

Good luck, its worth the wait:D

molly said...

I too am thinking of growing it. None of us actually like it, but I want it for herbal type remedies lol

Yours look wonderful Lucky!


Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Molly:D

I find garlic growing very rewarding. Even more so, when harvesting. Looks FAB TAB when growing too.