Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Foods

My vegie garden is soon going to be feeding us new foods. It's an exciting time in the garden as I watch colour changes and new crops growing.

Thought I'd show you and tell you about them.

Tigerella is so close to being picked. I actually picked the ripest one in the photo and split it down the middle with Pat. Very nice and I can see us growing and eating these each year. More of them are colouring up as well.

Black Russian is starting to colour up too. Grew this one back a couple of years ago and we loved it. Lot more on this bush that we had last time round.

I have put this down to a weekly feed of worm wee and potassium.

Zucchini can be picked anytime from now on. Have a couple else where in the garden and once they are a bit bigger, I'll harvest them and make a zucchini slice.

Bush pumpkins are coming thick and fast. Due to Pat not eating pumpkin and not having the space to let the bigger vines run rampet around my backyard, I went for the more compact bush variety. I roast these without cutting as they grow about the size of a cricket ball.

Yellow button squash...not looking very yellow. If I remeber rightly, they are yellow from the very start of developement. Oh well....time will tell.

Lots of exciting things are happening and soon our taste buds will be savouring and renewing tastes.

Until next time....hoo roo

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