Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nine Days After Sowing.

Nine days ago on the 9th I sowed tomato, beans & cucumber seeds into cell trays in line with the moon cycles.

Yesterday I noticed that I have seedlings popping up in my mini hot house. As I am limited to my gardening exploits with my leg still not 100%, I am not sure if the tomato came up yesterday or on Sunday.

I had Sunday and Monday just gone, marked for sowing root crops. But I can't turn the soil and prepare the final rake over. Let alone bend over or squat to sow the seeds. My leg can't take that sort of punishment (would feel like that too) at the moment.

This means I'll have to wait until the next window, 14th - 15th December. I'll now aim for the sowing the leafy crops early Dec.

Using Pat's macro lens ( I so want a camera with a detachable macro lens) I photographed the seedlings.

Cherry Tomato

Hawkesbury Bush beans

Bountiful Butter beans

Apple cucumbers.

Starting seedlings up and then harvesting from the plant, blows my mind. To think from some tiny seed, comes a tomato bush, that can crop kilos of tomatoes.

Hoping to be back in the garden fully by the end of this week. Until then I'll rest the leg and knit to keep me happy. Only doing a little bit of house work each day. Be pleased as punch when things are back to normal.

Until next time....hoo roo

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One at a Time said...


Looks like its seeding up:)

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