Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rhubarb Update

Thought it was time to give you an update on the Rhubarb plants. They are still growing and producing new leaves. These 2 would have to be the best I have had and killed so far. Lets hope I don't kill these guys off.

Pat asked me the other day while watering them, "when can we eat them?" I said next year if they survive. This got me wondering, I have never had one last long enough to harvest any of those stems. All I know is to tear them off, not cut them off. Oh well! Don't count the stems before they grow. lol

Lets take a look at them.

#10 is looking pretty good and has a couple of new leaves. No a lot of mulch as the blackbirds keep raiding it for their nests and looking for grubs to eat.

#11 is getting covered in mulch and has something nibbling at it. New leaves are growing on this one as well.

Neither look like they are about to croak it either. Maybe there is hope for The Cereal Rhubarb Killer yet. eek I give them a weekly dose of worm wee, liquid manure & seasol.......please keep growing guys.

Have you voted yet on what you think will happen to these 2 plants??? You can find the poll to the right at the top of my blog. Or you can go and look at the polling results.

Now have you got your cuppa and toast??? Lets go for a walk around my not so little vegie patch and see what is happening.

First stop is the spuds. I had a bo-peep yesterday and found some lovely size spuds down in the soil. Maybe they could have done with some more straw around the plants, but I have been spread thinly with Pat's health and running the place....... I won't know until I harvest them, how I have done.

This time round I sowed them deep under the soil, hoping to keep the plant roots cooler. Thinking its too hot in my area for growing spuds under straw. I know the plants have been better above the straw this time round.

Italian parsley is starting to go to seed. Going to let it self sow as I never do very good on self seeding parsley. Out of all the seeds that would have dropped from the triple curl parsley, I got 1 plant. I don't think I have to worry about being over run with parsley seedlings later on.

Asparagus is going nuts and I can't keep up with the harvesting of the spears. Eating it almost every meal, not even sick of it yet.

Blue Lake beans are growing thick and fast. Flowers are coming now and hoping that I am over run with beans to pick and freeze.

Blue Lakes are my most favourite bean. As a kid I loved eating beans more so than peas, hasn't changed all these years later. I'm waiting on Bountiful Butter & Hawkesbury beans to germinate and pop out into an area.

Burpless cucumbers are starting to fruit and this means one more thing I don't have to buy at the green grocer or markets.

So there you have it, a closer look at what is going on in my vegie patch. Hope you enjoyed the wander around while sipping on your coffee or tea. Dregs go in the compost bin thanks and the toast crust to the ducks.

Until next time....hoo roo

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The Duck Herder said...

Hi Lucky - yay for your rhubarb! These two must be VERY TOUGH little buggers to make it this far in your hands!!!!

Remember - lots of water, lots of mulch and lots of food.

I will be SO PROUD of you if you get to make rhubarb pie next year!

and the rest of your garden looks lovely too Lucky. Love to the flock.


Tammy James said...

Those nibbles in your No 11 look like earwig damage they are going crazy in my potato cages eating the leaf away to a single centre spine in some cases on the new growth and are munching away on my neighbors HUGE rhubarb they love it!

SubtropicalHappiness said...

Hi Lucky girl. I have had trial and error with my Rhubarb and have discovered they LOVE LOTS of mulch and food and well watered of course but they didn't like being in pots.
If the rain eases (had to brag) later I will take a pic and post it on my blog for you.
Hugs to you

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks girls for all the tips on me not killing these 2 plants.

Savvy Mummy said...

Hi Lucky, my cucumber burpless just they ever get powdery mildew? What do you use to support the growing plant? Do you have a picture of the whole cucumber plant on some kind of support? I have to figure out this since it is the first time I am trying cucumber burpless. :) Thank you!

Lucky-1 said...

Get yourself a trellis and have them grow upwards off the ground. Check out this blog posting on growing food upwards

Should only get powdery mildew when the plant is old and starts to due off. I do remove any powdery leaves and bin them, not compost. I love burpless cucumbers