Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spuds & Stuff

Over night we were blessed with 8 mm of rain and this morning I didn't need to water. Garden looks fresher for the rain and later on I'll just need to feed the garden with my weekly magic power boost.

Spent some time outside this morning in the cold wind (16 degrees here) and started to tidy up some of the areas and prepare them for the next crop. Cauliflower and broccoli is all finished and I am getting this area ready for bush beans. I have if all beans germinate and grow....32 plants needing a home.

Celery is going to seed and so this is being fed to Cadbury & Flossy. Cadbury is so over celery and now only eats the leaves, if nothing else is in her hutch. So I am thinking some of the celery will be chopped up and fed to the worms. Any left over, like the roots and such will be composted.

Tidied up the asparagus as well this morning. Trimmed back some of those really long leafy spears, as I am tripping over the ones laying down. This was composted as well.

Around my new no-dig area I removed all the poly pipe and popped it away between the nectarine tree and people fence. This will now make it easier when adding compost to this area.

My potatoes are almost ready for a full harvest. The Nicola potatos are starting to die right back while the Desiree are still showing good green growth.

I harvested these Nicola this morning for tonight's tea. Steamed organic spuds with butter and chives.......yummo. Weight of the harvest came in at 458 grams, while not a good return for 1 sown seed spud....still very pleased with the though of eating my own spuds.

Things are always moving and changing in my garden....... makes the backyard look new every few weeks.

Until next time....hoo roo

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orchid40 said...

Nice spuds Lucky! They are so delicious from your own garden. Enjoy :)

Lucky-1 said...

Oh thanks Val:D Tonight tea was so yummy. Spuds were mind blowing:D

angela said...

Love your blog. Just a short question, I have never planted spuds before. Our spuds have great green growth with flowers forming. When do we start to harvest.
Thanks muchly

Lucky-1 said...

HI Angela:) Glad you love my blog. Start to harvest your spuds when the plants have died back.

You can grab a few spuds when the plants are dieing back... this is called "bandicooting". This is what I did last night.

I'm sure like me, the freshness of your own spuds on your dinner plate will ...blow your taste buds for a six:)

Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Lucky,
My mouth is just watering reading about your spuds, I can't wait for mine (hopefully in time for Christmas, I might have to bandicoot as well) How is the rhubarb going?, I have 2 plants and they seem to be ok at the moment (fingers crossed) You were lucky to get 8mm we got 4mm, it all helps though.
I have left you an award on my blog, as it is such a busy time of the year I quite understand if you don't pass it on.
Take care

Tammy James said...

Hi ...
Oh Yum ... I can't wait, though at this stage it seems we might not get any of our Nicolas as that is the variety the Earwigs prefer to eat!! Grrr.
Our Pink Eye, Red rascal and Dutch Cream seem to be faring better and judging by the growth rate Pink eye might be the first we get to taste. : )