Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday In The Garden.

Oh I know, more tomato shots. But I just can't help myself. There is something about tomato plants and gardeners that will remain a mystery to me.

This morning I tied up more of the tomato plants stems that were sneaking around the plants near them. These seem to grow almost as quick as pumpkin vines. While going this I removed and side shoots between the leaf and stem. I'd rather have the plant grow upwards, rather than bushy.

Oxheart flowers.

Oh my beautiful Tigerella

This photo was more so to give you an idea on the size and height of the tomato plants. I standing next to the Tigerella plant.

I decided today was going to be an easy day out in the garden with only 2 things on my list that needed to be done. The tomatoes and sowing fruiting seeds.

This meant I had time to stop and cook a BBQ for Pat & myself. No salads today...not that much time free, to spend in the kitchen. Once lunch was out the way, back to pottering and playing in the garden.

Broad beans are all finished now, so I started to cut the stalks back and compost them. When look what I found....... new shoots at the bases of the plants.

As I can spare the space, I am going to leave them to grow again and see what sort of crop I can harvest.

Last night I was working out what seeds I want to plant and the dates I needed to work in with the moon planting cycle.

All labeled with their little label tags made as well, ready for the dates marked on the paper bags.

Leafy & root crop bags are now looking at me, pinned to my cork board.

Fruiting crops were sown after our BBQ.

Cucumbers (apple) as I only have 2 of the 4 plants growing that I planted out.


Kellogg's Breakfast
Cherry Mix

In dwarf beans

Bountiful Butter

All those seeds I planted last time, didn't germinate. I was too busy with my dad & step mother when they were staying here. Really hoping that this time round, I do a lot better with these seeds.

I'm happy with what I have done today.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Anonymous said...

When you trim and support your tomatoes, don't forget that different varieties have different growth and fruiting habits. The Indeterminates ( tall) types can have laterals pinched out and leaves removed for tidy. They will fruit more or less continually until the first frosts hit them. Determinants ( bushy types), dwarfs etc. will not take kindly to too much pinching and pruning, and will tend to fruit and ripen in one big hit, then finish. A big mistake with the bush types is to prune them heavily. I agree they are magical things to grow. In and out in a short season usually with lots to show for the effort. I've been restrained this year because I'm growing mainly to replenish seed supplies. But I did put a couple of extra Tasmanian Blushing Yellows.

Anonymous said...

Those tomatoes are amazing lucky!


Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Molly:D I'm very proud of this season's crop.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks so much for this comment and reminder about trimming tomato plants Cosmic.

I have about trimmed all I am going to now as they are about stake high.

Now they can run wild. Plants are heavy with fruit of all sizes. Can't wait to eat them.:D

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy that I have nominated you for an award, if you accept you can save the icon from my page to post on yours.


Chris and Dave said...

You can have as many tomato shots as you like. They're great to see!

Just wondering if you got my email recently. Otherwise it's been sucked into cyber space never to be seen again. ;)