Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tonight's Meal.

Look exciting doesn't it? Fresh organic potatoes, leek, zucchini & a tomato. Most of this will be for tonight's meal to go with a chicken breast.

Making my own individual chicken pies and along side this will be grilled zucchini, steamed potaotoes in their jackets and stupidmarket peas. The leek will be used instead of onion in the pie mixture.

As I am typing this I can smell my bread cooking in the bread maker. Writing about what I will be eating tonight and smelling the bread is making for one hungry gardener.

While out harvesting, I needed to tie up the Cherry tomato plant....again. Darn thing is as tall as me now. This keeps up, I'll need a ladder to harvest the top tomatoes. lol

I often wonder about what it would have been like, if I didn't have a vegie garden.

  • How much extra money would be spent at the shops, to feed us?
  • Would we be eating such a variety of fruit & veg if we needed to buy everything?
I know Pat wouldn't be eating broccoli, as he only eats what I grow. I can put as much and as often as I like on his plate, as long as it's from my garden.

For me I'd not be eating grilled zucchini or asparagus almost nightly. Eggplant...wouldn't even look at it in the shops. I saw it growing in a vegie garden I was visiting once and thought it was unusual. Planted one, not knowing really what it tasted like. Pat doesn't like it but I do.

So many different kinds of food are growing out the back. Some like tomatoes, cucumbers & beans, there are more than one variety on offer.

Besides the healthy food on our plates we get our exercise and being at home most days, its a wonderful interest.

I often say to Pat.....all I need is a cow for milking and a steer for steaks and we'd be right. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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