Monday, December 15, 2008

Desiree Potatoes

Desiree potatoes bandicooted from the garden. Three spuds weighting in just under a kilo. Not even the whole bush was harvested.

Much better harvest size wise than the Nicola variety. We're having some of these, roasted tonight with out tea. mrgreen

Lots of food feeding us, from the vegie patch....... just wonderful.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Anonymous said...

The new background looks great Lucky! So do those spuds!

Lucky-1 said...

Oh Thanks Molly..... The spuds were so fresh tasting on our plates tonight:D

Libby said...

mmmmmmmmmm freshly dug new potatoes, scrummy!

Lucky-1 said...

Oh yeah... scrummy is a great word to use......:D

angela said...

You are so lucky. The weather has been so cold here the poor vegies are just sitting there not knowing what to do. We do have some great lettuce thought

Lucky-1 said...

Great lettuces..... sounds good to me.:) Its amazing what is growing in people's vegie garden that can live only a few streets or a burb away.