Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008

Well another year is about to become history. Pat & I are home tonight, just quietly seeing in the new year.

I went back to the doctor today and its not good news about my leg. Soft tissue damage is going to take longer than what I thought to heal.

Devastating news for me as I am always on the go and doing something or walking somewhere. I can't play heavy in the garden and no using garden forks, shovels or pushing the push mower over the lawns.

Rest the leg and keep up with the inflammatory medication and elevate my leg and stay off it as much as possible. Only good thing is the kids are adults and I'm not needed to chase them around the house.

Just want to tell you how well the poultry did this year in the eggs......

  • chooks laid 1937 eggs
  • ducks laid 412 eggs
  • bantams laid 355
All together they laid 2704. A mighty feat for my little feathery mates.

So as this year fades to the back and a new year comes forth, we at Lucky's Duck Farm wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2009.

Until next year....hoo roo

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Stewart said...

Happy new year guys.
Sorry to hear about your leg, hope that's the worst thing for you this year.
That's an average 7.4 eggs daily total cool.

molly said...

Keep that leg rested, the more youo do the quicker it will heal Lucky. You and Pat have a super 2009 filled with all you need to keep you safe and happy.

Lucky-1 said...

Happy new year to you as well Stewart. I was very impressed with the poultry's egg effort.

My leg will improve with time. Thanks.

Lucky-1 said...

Hello Molly, hope your year is off on a good start. Resting my leg as much as I can. Still need to care for Pat though.

Have a great 2009 yourself.