Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Haven't A Leg To Stand On

Its been quiet posting here as the garden is feeding us nicely and from the photo, you can see I haven't been too good....leg wise.

As Pat needed to go to our family doctor this morning, I figured I'd get my heel and leg below the knee looked at. With all the trips to hospital and specialists for him...... I only go when I really.... really ....really need too.

I have a tendon problem at the ankle/heel area and a possible cyst in the calf area. Hence the swollen knee and painful ankle/heel area.

I have been told to stay off my leg as much as possible and when sitting, have the old leg elevated. Also I have anti inflammatory medication to take.

My legs are an on going thing since I was a child. Many a night I would cry in pain when I went to bed.

I go back in 2 weeks and I'll take all the family snapshots of my leg/ankle the doctors have ordered over the years.

So no corn will be planted for at least 2 weeks...... no turning soil...... light playing as in harvesting food and that is about it.......redface

I need a hug..................

Until next time....hoo roo


Anonymous said...

aww,hugz lucky! Hopefully they will get things sorted and you will be back on both feet soon!

Make sure you take your anti-inflammatory meds with food or a glass of milk, they can be pretty tough on tummies.

Anonymous said...


joolzmac said...

You cracked me up with your comment about losing the falsies down the loo!!
Sorry to hear your laid up with your sore leg, sounds very painful. I hope the medication kicks in soon.
I got a new phone so I am back in-communicado. :)

Best wishes - Joolz

Lucy C said...


Lucky-1 said...

Thanks for the hugs.....:D I appreciated them.

Oh do you think I was when my neighbour told me about loosing her teeth...;P