Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh We Had Rain

We have had rain....yes you read it right...rain. Just over 40 mm fell the other day. It was wonderful going to bed listening to the rain, waking up through the night.....still raining. Having breakfast....still raining.......and raining.

So what does a gardener do when its too wet to play outside???? She plays with her new toy. Having fun learning new things and making items I have been wanting for a while now.

So while it rains and I sew..... a scary fish (???) came into my kitchen and bit me on my leg. eek I am guessing with all the rain we had, the poor thing got lost and found its way here.

You'll be happy to know I wrestled it and threw it out the backyard...... I have counted the ducks & chooks and all are accounted for. Haven't seen the feral fish since..... gather it made its way back out into the ocean.

Now if your squeamish.... don't look at the photo....lots of red stuff......scroll down very carefully and check out my ankle......

Off to make more zucchini slice as they are coming thick and fast from the vegie patch.

Until next time...... stay wet and stay happy.

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Libby said...

We have been having lots of rain here too!!!

Lucky-1 said...

HI Libby:) Love the rain.... I can stand out the front and watch it fall for hours....if I was able too.

Your just starting winter over your way.......Enjoy it....