Sunday, December 28, 2008

Outside My Window

Having turned Amy's bedroom into a craft room, I am able to sit at the window and watch the activities that happen in the bird bath.

This bird bath was given to me by a person who didn't want it anymore. Looks great in the "Friendship Garden" and really suits the area.

Sometimes we can hear the birds drinking and bathing as they chat amongst themselves. Other times like the magpie........ we need to see them to know they are visiting.

Something about a magpie that to me, makes them a very attractive bird. Not sure if its their colouring or their muscular look about them. Some magpies at times look like they work out in a gym.

I love listening to their call as they talk to each other. Its a beautiful way to wake up in the morning.

These New Holland Honey Eaters are such a noisy bunch when they call in for their morning and nightly water come bath. We can hear them inside the house and also while out in the backyard. Finally got a great photo of them from the craft room window.

The amount in the photo is only a 1/4 that call in regularly each day.

Now that Christmas is gone for another year, its time to get back into some routine. Routine is what I sorely need as I try and fit so much into my days.

Millie is back here for about a week, while Ben & Amy are away on holidays interstate. Both Pat & myself have missed her so much. Any excuse to go and visit the kids is jumped upon and we whiz over to see them and cuddle Millie at the same time.

Tomorrow I am making tomato sauce and zucchini slice for the freezer and pantry. Can't get over how successful the tomatoes have been this season.

So there you have it..... the latest from Lucky's Duck Farm.

Its just after midnight here and my sleep patterns are up the creek again. So figured I may as well update the blogs and this will be less for me to do later on.

But then Banjo has hatched some ducklings and you'd love some family photos, wouldn't you? mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy Duck said...

Hi to all at Luck's Duck farm. I just love your blog. I joined the BYP this week and found your link. the bees are super!!! The survey is also terrific. I am about to set up a blog for a community group and hope we can achieve something equally as fantastic.

Lucky-1 said...

Hello Lucy Duck:D

Welcome and I am so glad you have found your way to my place. Hope you visit often.

Good luck setting up your blog:D