Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

We have had a cute little visitor the other night. Not sure who had the bigger fright this little gecko or Amy as they shared the shower. lol

Considering Amy is terrified of spiders, she took the "showering with a friend", pretty well. She scooped the little gecko up and popped him outside. Can't get over how this little fella made it past our cats. We often find crickets with their legs in the air and a cat fang mark in their gut.

One very lucky gecko with the cats & Amy.

Twice a day we are greeted by dozens of these little birds out in the Friendship Garden. This cast iron bird bath was saved from a trip to the dump and now is a very popular watering hole.

These little birds make such a racket when bathing and drinking, we can hear them not only inside but also outside in our backyard.

Even though at times bugs and birds will upset the vegie patch, I love our wild animals that find safety in our yard.

Until next time....hoo roo

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