Friday, January 30, 2009

Stock Losses

Over Wednesday night I lost the worms in my 2 black worm farms. I haven't had a loss like this since 1999. The night just didn't cool down.

Interesting thing is, the light coloured worm farm...worms are still going strong. I am sure it's due to the black trays attract and hold the heat.

Once the heat wave is over with, I'll transfer worms across to the 2 black farms. I am wondering though...............

  • Are worm eggs insulated from weather conditions, such as heat? If so, I am hoping the eggs will survive and hatch. If not, the worms will need to have lots of wild sex parties and breed like rabbits in a good season. mrgreen
  • Its amazing how many worms were in both farms........ 3 times the amount I was thinking there was and this will explain why they were eating through the food so quickly.
I hope your keeping cool in this heat and your animals are coping.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crap It's Hot

45 degrees here today....... not nice at all.

Lost 1 of the 2008 hens from "The Blue Rinse Set".

Oh I miss winter...........

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Bush Pumpkins

Its 4 pm and 35 degrees outside and this is what the main part of the garden looks like. Hold up in the heat and still feeding us.

Should I post a photo after the heat wave we are going to experience this week?? Hhmmm have to think about that one. We have some 41 degree days coming our way this week.

What I really want to show you is the bush pumpkin plant to the right in the above photo.

Here is a closer look at it. 1 big plant at the front and a smaller plant to the back. Love bush pumpkins as they are more compact than the wandering varieties most people grow.

Those butternut and Queensland Blue vines can creep up on you and almost wrap themselves around a leg, if you stand still long enough.

Pat & I always debate about me growing pumpkins or butternuts. He's not keen on them taking over the garden and refuses to eat it. So as I am the only pumpkin eater in the house........ we compromised. I grow these and they stay compact and controllable and I get to eat my own pumpkins.

The bigger plant has 5 or more pumpkins on it and I should be able to get 3 meals per pumpkin for myself. These are also able to be roasted whole.

I've added a link to some information on the Golden Nugget pumpkin, though I did buy my seedlings down at the local Bunnings Shop. Just so you had more information on how easy these are to grow.

If you haven't grown these little beauties before, give them a go next season.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dying Tree

The tree out the front of our house, on the nature strip is dying. Going from the leaves it's just about dead. When the wind blows we can hear the leaves of the tree tinkling like a wind chime.

I was told this tree is a Western Australia Iron Bark gum tree. As you can see the tree isn't small by any means. It was there when we bought our house 10 years ago and it was big then.

Leaves are looking so dry and on a windy day, our front veranda is covered in dead gum leaves.

Close up of the sap the tree leaches out. This helps to stop plants growing up the trunk of the tree. Also around the base of the tree on the soil, the sap helps to keep other growth away from the tree.

I looked for signs of damage to the tree and other than the photos I have posted here, I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.

So we have no idea why the tree is dying as all the other trees in the area are going fine. I am guessing maybe it is from our drought. Council has painted markings on the foot path near it. So we are guessing sometime down the track, the tree will be removed.

Very sad to see trees dying from the drought.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Touching Base

Like these native parrots the called in the other day, I have flown in and touching base.

Starting to quieten down here now. Fiona and her 2 girls have gone home to Sydney and Pa is still here for the up coming weeks.

I'm busy cooking today before the 40 degree heat sets in. Not looking forward to those up coming days.

Spoiling Pa with home made bread, jams, desserts and just plain good cooking. Tea, lots of pots of teas made and stories of his life revisited. So love listening to his life and what he did as a young man. Pa traveled a lot as a single man, all over the world. Pat is so enjoying his dad's visit and it must be nice having a fella to talk to.

Our nieces had a ball here at Lucky's Duck Farm. The chooks and ducks had never had it so good at meal time. The girls even had to get used to the Heather & Emily looking under their skirts when they collected eggs about 4 times a day. Baby ducks were a big hit as well.

Rabbits didn't have legs for the whole week and enjoyed watching children programs in the lounge room. I think Cadbury was rather keen on Dr.Who DVDs too.

Now it's not so busy, I hope to post more often. Check out the apron Heather & I made for her.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Are Your Worms Doing?

How are your worms doing if your in the southern hemisphere and it's stinking hot? Mine are doing very nicely under the carport, as they don't get the afternoon sun on them.

While doing our dinner dishes, I fed the worms their scraps. Look what greeted me in one of the Reln layer farms. mrgreen

Nice and comfy, not over hot.

Today was a stinker 42 degrees. Pat & I hid inside (thought we did keep checking the animals) and just enjoyed the a/c.

Its a good idea to check your farms and make sure the taps are open. That way if you work, your less lightly to come home to worm soup. Worms will go as far as they can down, to escape the hot bedding. Last place they go is where the hot water stored, their water tray...... not good.

Before I moved my farms a couple of summers ago to the carport, I often found worms in the water buckets. They escaped the hot farms and into the buckets through the open taps.

Also a plug for the pet bunny, freeze those plastic milk bottles. The bunny's love them as they help to keep them cool.

137 days to winter.......not that I am counting.

Until next time....stay cool

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Food, Food, Food

There is 2 days worth of eggs in the photo, but the rest was harvested before the heat set in for the day. Looking at a temp of 41 today, first really hot day for the summer.

I sorted out the tomatoes and any that were soft in the fridge, I cut them up and into the freezer. Hoping by the end of the season, I'll have enough for more sauce. If not tomatoes with onion and pasta on toast makes a great meal in the colder months.

There is a bowl of cherry tomatoes sitting on the kitchen bench, I have a taste for snacking on them through out the day or when sitting here at my computer.

Zucchinis will be turned into slice for the freezer.

We heard via the phone that Pat's dad will be arriving tomorrow for a few weeks. Dad lives in Sydney and is 86 years young. Flying over with Pa is his daughter and 2 granddaughters and they will be here until Tuesday next week.

We are both looking forward to seeing them all and having Pa staying longer. With baby ducks and rabbits to keep the girls occupied and egg collecting.... they'll have a ball here.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Little baby ducklings have grown heaps and making themselves known at meal times.

Squeaking and asking for their chick starter food.

Like all kids, they love playing in water.

Banjo is a good mum and keeps them close to her. Bonny & Clyde are often doing their motherly "took, took" sounds at meal times. Very surprised they haven't gone broody yet.

Still taking it easy and still harvesting from the vegie patch. Keeping myself busy with my sewing........

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, January 09, 2009

They Live

Last update was back in Nov and thought it was time for an update of #10 & #11.

Can't believe I haven't bumped them off yet and that they are actually growing and getting bigger.

#10 is the one I picked out and it's being sheltered by the asparagus ferns on the hot days. Mine is out in the middle of the garden.

#11 is looking FAB TAB and Pat picked this one out and it's growing over near the people fence. This one is the better of the 2.

I'm thinking these are growing because I bought them in those pot sizes we can buy single herb plant in. Good root system and good leaf sizes on them, not those stumpy loose rhubarb crowns sold everywhere.

Have you voted for them to live or die yet?? Want to put a new fresh vote in?? Well the poll is on the right of the page.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

As 2009 Rolls By.

2009 has started off rather well for us here at Lucky's Duck Farm. I always feel that January slides past slowly and then the months pick up speed and before you know it, it's December again.

Wow lets leave those scary thoughts in the cupboard.

What have we been getting up to since the new year started??

Well my leg is making me rest heaps and for that reason the house looks like a bomb has hit the place. So I do a couple of cleaning jobs and stop cleaning at lunch time. Then the afternoon is mine to rest my leg.

Pat spent most of yesterday taking down the Christmas lights off the house and packed away the Christmas tree. We then went and picked up Amy & Ben from the airport. Today Pat is not well, think he did too much yesterday.

Amy made a brave decision and has left Millie here with us. Millie was very lonely over at the kid's place and missed her little furry friends. Also we are home more than out and both kids work.

Millie will always be Amy's little girl. Hugs to Amy for putting Millie first.

In the kitchen today I have emptied the fridge out and wiped it clean and checked for out of date foods and left over festive week. Little bit of fritz and kabanna was all I found to throw out. Cats have had a feast and the left overs to the chooks this afternoon.

Check out this zucchini. Damn didn't think to weigh it. Bugger. One zucchini slice is made and another to go into the oven just after lunch. Going to give a feed to Amy as she lurvs this slice. I don't usually let them get this big... but this one slipped past me over the silly season. Should get 3 slices from it, maybe 4 if I'm lucky.

Check out the spuds I had to get Pat to dig up. There were smaller ones as well..... this is from 2 plants and they are the Desiree variety and I am stoked with the sizes of these spuds. These will be a must each spud season in my little vegie patch.

Another photo of the New Holland Honey Eater. These aggies are from Pa's place when he lived in Whyalla.

Last week our "good gardening buddy" Pepe and his beautiful wife paid us a visit with some corn seedlings for the garden. Pepe was so kind and planted them out for me. Pat has a black thumb when it comes to planting seedlings out.

Saying thanks I sent them home with a bottle of tomato sauce and jar of apricot jam. I couldn't not let them go empty handed after transplanting out the seedlings and saving my leg from extra pain.

I lost the tomato seedlings I was growing. It happened just before Christmas when my leg was really bad and I forgot to water them. Not happy at all. Still have seeds and will now try again next tomato season.

Not a bad start to the new year, in my books. Hope your enjoying the new year and that it continues to be a good one for you all.

Until next time....hoo roo.

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