Sunday, January 04, 2009

As 2009 Rolls By.

2009 has started off rather well for us here at Lucky's Duck Farm. I always feel that January slides past slowly and then the months pick up speed and before you know it, it's December again.

Wow lets leave those scary thoughts in the cupboard.

What have we been getting up to since the new year started??

Well my leg is making me rest heaps and for that reason the house looks like a bomb has hit the place. So I do a couple of cleaning jobs and stop cleaning at lunch time. Then the afternoon is mine to rest my leg.

Pat spent most of yesterday taking down the Christmas lights off the house and packed away the Christmas tree. We then went and picked up Amy & Ben from the airport. Today Pat is not well, think he did too much yesterday.

Amy made a brave decision and has left Millie here with us. Millie was very lonely over at the kid's place and missed her little furry friends. Also we are home more than out and both kids work.

Millie will always be Amy's little girl. Hugs to Amy for putting Millie first.

In the kitchen today I have emptied the fridge out and wiped it clean and checked for out of date foods and left over festive week. Little bit of fritz and kabanna was all I found to throw out. Cats have had a feast and the left overs to the chooks this afternoon.

Check out this zucchini. Damn didn't think to weigh it. Bugger. One zucchini slice is made and another to go into the oven just after lunch. Going to give a feed to Amy as she lurvs this slice. I don't usually let them get this big... but this one slipped past me over the silly season. Should get 3 slices from it, maybe 4 if I'm lucky.

Check out the spuds I had to get Pat to dig up. There were smaller ones as well..... this is from 2 plants and they are the Desiree variety and I am stoked with the sizes of these spuds. These will be a must each spud season in my little vegie patch.

Another photo of the New Holland Honey Eater. These aggies are from Pa's place when he lived in Whyalla.

Last week our "good gardening buddy" Pepe and his beautiful wife paid us a visit with some corn seedlings for the garden. Pepe was so kind and planted them out for me. Pat has a black thumb when it comes to planting seedlings out.

Saying thanks I sent them home with a bottle of tomato sauce and jar of apricot jam. I couldn't not let them go empty handed after transplanting out the seedlings and saving my leg from extra pain.

I lost the tomato seedlings I was growing. It happened just before Christmas when my leg was really bad and I forgot to water them. Not happy at all. Still have seeds and will now try again next tomato season.

Not a bad start to the new year, in my books. Hope your enjoying the new year and that it continues to be a good one for you all.

Until next time....hoo roo.

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Anonymous said...

Methinks when a zucchini gets that big it's a marrow! Funny how things change. My parents grew marrows but we had never heard of zucchinis. Even if we had, I think it would have been considered wasteful to pick them before they grew big enough to fulfil their food-providing potential! My mother used to stuff marrows (scoop out the seeds and replace with a breadcrumb and herb concoction) and bake them whole in the oven. The marrow was then cut into slices about an inch thick for serving. Come to think of it, it sounds delicious! I must try it!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Keith.

Libby said...

Happy New Year to you and Pat sorry its late, I have been a bit distracted recently!
Sorry to hear the leg is going to take longer to heal than expected.But I'm sure whilst resting it the sewing machine will be whirling!!

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Libby:) HNY to you and your family as well. Yes I am giving the sewing machine a good work out.