Monday, January 26, 2009

Bush Pumpkins

Its 4 pm and 35 degrees outside and this is what the main part of the garden looks like. Hold up in the heat and still feeding us.

Should I post a photo after the heat wave we are going to experience this week?? Hhmmm have to think about that one. We have some 41 degree days coming our way this week.

What I really want to show you is the bush pumpkin plant to the right in the above photo.

Here is a closer look at it. 1 big plant at the front and a smaller plant to the back. Love bush pumpkins as they are more compact than the wandering varieties most people grow.

Those butternut and Queensland Blue vines can creep up on you and almost wrap themselves around a leg, if you stand still long enough.

Pat & I always debate about me growing pumpkins or butternuts. He's not keen on them taking over the garden and refuses to eat it. So as I am the only pumpkin eater in the house........ we compromised. I grow these and they stay compact and controllable and I get to eat my own pumpkins.

The bigger plant has 5 or more pumpkins on it and I should be able to get 3 meals per pumpkin for myself. These are also able to be roasted whole.

I've added a link to some information on the Golden Nugget pumpkin, though I did buy my seedlings down at the local Bunnings Shop. Just so you had more information on how easy these are to grow.

If you haven't grown these little beauties before, give them a go next season.

Until next time....hoo roo

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SubtropicalHappiness said...

Those little fellows look yummo. By the way I have all my fans pointing towards you and Scarecrow trying ever so hard to get what little cloud we have left to go your way.

Peggy said...

I love the bush pumpkin,I have only ever seen the trailing ones which do take over the garden!I don't know if they are available over here.
I grew 1, yes 1 pumpkin last year but I think our terrible summer was not good for them.1 survived on the plant and we had pumpkin pie for the first time

Stewart said...

I like the look of them. Thanks for the recommend. I'll try them next spring.

Savvy Mummy said...

Wow what gorgeous pumpkins! :) Is that a peach tree next to the pumpkin patch?

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Rhonda, we really need some cool weather and rain over here.

Last summer Peggy I grew a beauty of a butternut plant. Didn't get one single butternut:(

Stewart, you'll be so impressed with not only the pumpkin, but the compactness of the plant.

Savvy Mummy, it a Goldmine nectarine tree.