Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Are Your Worms Doing?

How are your worms doing if your in the southern hemisphere and it's stinking hot? Mine are doing very nicely under the carport, as they don't get the afternoon sun on them.

While doing our dinner dishes, I fed the worms their scraps. Look what greeted me in one of the Reln layer farms. mrgreen

Nice and comfy, not over hot.

Today was a stinker 42 degrees. Pat & I hid inside (thought we did keep checking the animals) and just enjoyed the a/c.

Its a good idea to check your farms and make sure the taps are open. That way if you work, your less lightly to come home to worm soup. Worms will go as far as they can down, to escape the hot bedding. Last place they go is where the hot water stored, their water tray...... not good.

Before I moved my farms a couple of summers ago to the carport, I often found worms in the water buckets. They escaped the hot farms and into the buckets through the open taps.

Also a plug for the pet bunny, freeze those plastic milk bottles. The bunny's love them as they help to keep them cool.

137 days to winter.......not that I am counting.

Until next time....stay cool

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Anonymous said...

I'm countuing the days with you Lucky, I cannot abide the heat either!

Lucky-1 said...

Oh Molly.... I love visiting the blogs that are having snow at the moment.....LOL so lovely and cold.